Salted Caramel Pepsi Is a Thing Now and Social Media Hates It

‘Why is Salted Caramel Pepsi a thing? What does it taste like? Who thought it would be a good idea?’

Pepsi has released a salted caramel flavor for the holiday season and fans of the soda are seriously skeptical.

Pepsi has announced via a press release that they have started rolling out a new salted caramel flavor in the U.S. With the holiday season gaining, the brand appears to be aiming their taste buds in a more sugary direction. News of the sweet-inspired flavor usually reserved for ice creams and chocolate boxes comes hot on the heels of Pepsi Japan’s recent cake-flavored “Christmas Cola,” and salted caramel sounds like it will be a similarly syrupy affair.

Pepsi told news outlets that the flavor “blends the refreshing taste of cola with a delicious caramel finish." The seasonal drink’s packaging is evocative of an old-timey soda-fountain, featuring a whimsical font with a cartoon depiction of a piece of caramel, giving us vaguely Willy Wonka vibes.

However people on social media are not impressed. Not only do they feel that the flavor combo might not be appetizing, but they think that the new flavor is just an excuse to introduce more sugar into the already sugar-heavy soda.


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