This Cocktail Is Every Pickle Lover's Dream

Get your pickle fix without shooting whiskey

This beverage is dill-lightful.

Do you like pickles? Do you like alcohol? If the answer to both questions is yes, you might think this is a pretty big dill. Obviously pickleback shots are a nice little treat when you’re already three sheets to the wind, but what if we told you there’s a boozy beverage out there that’s sweeter, tastier, classier and less likely to make you black out?

The Best Bar in Every State

The AC Hotel recently opened a new location in the Financial District of Manhattan, and the chain gave The Daily Meal the opportunity to belly up to the bar. Upon mulling over the menu, one cocktail dubbed South Street put a little sparkle in my eye. Why? Because the recipe calls for dill.

I’m a sucker for cucumber’s better half. KFC’s pickle fried chicken? A delicacy. Dill on salmon? Fire me up. Fried pickles are one of the greatest bar snacks of all time (besides mozzarella sticks, of course), and the crunch of a gherkin at the center of a sandwich is just undeniably incredible. So why not take a chance on this fantastic flavor in liquid form?

Some people straight-up drink pickle juice (without the whiskey, yikes), but we aren’t here to play like that. That much sodium will make your mouth dry up like the Sahara Desert. The AC Hotel’s South Street cocktail has the same great taste as the almighty pickle without the overpowering presence of salt. This super refreshing and ever-so-slightly sweet drink is built with vodka and complimented by lemon juice and simple syrup. It’s basically lemonade with a hint of dill and crisp cucumber. It’s summer in a cup no matter what the weather looks like beyond the window pane.

pickle drink

Taylor Rock / The Daily Meal

To make it yourself at home, first mix ice, a half ounce of vodka (or, if you’re like us, don’t be afraid to measure a standard shot of 1.5 ounces), 1 ounce of lemon juice and 1 ounce of cucumber dill syrup in a shaker. If you don’t have cucumber dill syrup on hand (who does?) just get some cucumber-infused vodka at the liquor store, then add simple syrup and splash of pickle juice. We all have a jar in the fridge. After shaking, strain over ice into a Collins glass, top with club soda and garnish with cucumber and a sprig of dill. Not the best bartender? Well, this one’s certainly a destination cocktail experience worth traveling for.

Taylor Rock is the News and Drinks Editor for The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @taylorlrock.


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