NYC's Not-So-Classic Bloody Marys

If you've ever felt supremely extra at brunch, then you know your average Bloody Mary just isn't going to cut it. You, brunch diva supreme, require a Bloody Mary that will blow your mind with all its various toppings, garnishes, twists, and turns.

Yes, you need your hangover cured but you also need the perfect brunch pic to add to your Insta-story that will inspire instant jealousy. Something adorned with bacon, a lobster claw, or even a carb-less take on a bagel and lox will do.

If you're in New York City, we know exactly which directions to point you for all your not-so-classic Bloody Mary brunch needs. So wipe off last night's lipstick and work that day-three blowout up-do — it's time to check out some of our favorite Bloody Mary destinations below!

Virgil's Real BBQ (152 West 44th Street) — Big Bloody Bull Rider, $15
Virgil's Big Bloody Bull Rider is made with Tito's Vodka, tomato, Virgil's spicy barbecue sauce, jalapeño-stuffed olives, celery, and homemade beef jerky. Guests can order the Bloody Mary "loaded" with a huge skewer of bacon, brisket, chicken wings and grilled shrimp. The meal-in-a-glass is then rimmed with the restaurant's dry rub. Fifteen dollars gets you a standard Big Bloody Bull Rise, with $7.50 additional for any extra toppings.

Rahi (60 Greenwich Ave) — Bloody Meera, $13
An Indian spin on a brunch staple, the Bloody Meera is a shaken blend of vodka and tomato juice spiked with chipotle, black salt, and garam masala, topped with a pepper and lime.

Bar Sardine (183 W 10th St) — Green (Bay) Bloody Mary, $16
Diners can choose from classic-, dill-, or cilantro-infused vodka at this chic West Village haunt. Their Green (Bay) Bloody Mary is made with tomatillo and house serrano hot sauce and garnished with a cucumber and a pickle. As if that wasn't enough, it's served with a beer back.

Lobster Joint (1073 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn) — Lobster Claw Bloody Mary, $12
This Brooklyn staple's Lobster Claw Bloody Mary is made pretty much like your basic Bloody with vodka and Bloody Mary mix, only this baby is garnished with celery, pickle, olives, and a big lobster claw! If you order this at brunch and pose fabulously while wearing a sun hat, you've conducted the perfect summer Instagram.

The Fat Radish (17 Orchard St.) — Everything but the Bagel Bloody Mary
New to the brunch cocktail menu at The Fat Radish, the Green Everything but the Bagel Bloody Mary is comprised of gin and green tomato juice with an everything bagel rim (aka all the spices and seeds found on the outside of an everything bagel). Plus it's garnished with dill, pickled onion, cucumber, and lox. It's like an entire lox plate, minus the carbs!

Maison Pickle (2315 Broadway) — Mary Caprese, $13
The Mary Caprese at Maison Pickle is their liquid a take on a caprese salad. The tomato-y drink you know and love for curing hangovers and creating new ones comes garnished with balsamic marinated tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil.