Mix Up, Drink Down: The Devil in Disguise from New York City’s Toro Loco

Make this your ‘Summer of Mezcal’ with a sophisticated, easy-to-make punch

Toro Loco’s The Devil in Disguise is a mezcal-based cocktail.

If you’ve taken note of mezcal’s recent rise in popularity but been to shy to ask, mezcal and tequila are indeed different—tequila can only be made from blue agave and produced only in certain areas of Mexico, while mezcals are often blends of different types of agave and are made all over the region. Mezcal is usually smokier and richer tasting than tequila, so it’s a fantastic base for a summertime punch.

The Devil in Disguise comes from Cody Goldstein, beverage director of Toro Loco: a Mexico City-inspired eatery in Lower Manhattan. The cocktail savant proudly declared, “I see this being the Summer of Mezcal!” when asked about his complex punch. “It’s a mix between an El Diablo and a Mule. The Creme de Cassis adds berry notes that complement the spice from the ginger beer, and the Ancho Reyes brings a little heat and spice that plays nicely with the smokiness from the mezcal. It’s a great option if you are having friends over for a rooftop party, barbecue, or to just finally celebrate warm weather.”

The Devil in Disguise | Cody Goldstein, Toro Loco (LARGE FORMAT)
25 oz. mezcal
6 oz. Ancho Reyes
6 oz. Creme de Cassis
6 oz. lime juice
6-pack ginger beer

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Combine all ingredients into large punch bowl. Slice 10 lime wheels and drop into bowl to float. Add 3 cups of ice and enjoy.