Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Serve for Thanksgiving

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Great “low-tails” for the Thanksgiving meal
Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Serve for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect day to switch things up and opt for food-friendly cocktails that have low alcohol content. 

Thanksgiving is a day of gluttony; the holiday is centered on one giant meal, but it’s highly unlikely that one meal is all you will be eating. According to our story on Thanksgiving calorie consumption, the worst-case scenario plate packs an average of 3,242 calories. From morning to night, the food marathon will rage on, making it hard to keep up on the drink end of things. If you go for the customary massive plate you might be too bloated or buzzed to actually enjoy your meal(s). The best thing to do is to pace yourself. That goes for food and drink.

Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Serve for Thanksgiving (Slideshow)

Thanksgiving is the perfect day to switch things up and opt for food-friendly cocktails that have low alcohol content. That way, you can enjoy without over-indulging. These “low-tails” might not pack the punch that their traditional versions do, but they make up for that in flavor.

Fall is a great season for cocktails. Flavors like apple, pumpkin, and cranberry as well as spices like clove, anise, and cinnamon find their way behind the bar into drinks like pumpkin martinis, sidecars, margaritas and more. Mulled wine is a seasonal favorite that can be prepared with a low-alcohol wine like Spain’s Txakoli or a Beaujolais or Bordeaux Rouge, which range from 9 to 11 percent alcohol as opposed to the 13 to 14 percent in a typical California chardonnay or merlot.

If you’re feeding a crowd, big-batching your cocktails will save you time. Recipes can easily be quadrupled and mixed in pitchers or bowls. Keep the punch chilled until ready to serve.

Shaken, stirred, mulled, or infused, here are 15 low-alcohol cocktails that are a delicious and fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Baked Cranapple Cobbler

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TY KU Liqueur is naturally low in sugar and calories and is completely gluten-free, tannin-free, and contains no additives or preservatives. It’s got great mix-ability and can sub for vodka easily. Use sugar-free or light cranberry juice for an even healthier version of this cocktail.

Cinnamon Swirl Cocktail

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While you may have had pumpkin-flavored beer or nutmeg-seasoned coffee, The James Royal Palm in Miami thought it’d be festive to create a sweet, seasonal twist on a cocktail instead. 


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