London Aperol Festival to Include a Booze Canal and the UK's Biggest Spritz Bar

All the Aperol you can handle

The London neighborhood of Shoreditch will be hosting the Aperol Big Spritz Social, which will feature the largest Aperol bar in the U.K.

Attention all Aperol spritz fans, an Aperol festival is coming to the U.K. London’s Shoreditch neighborhood will soon be flush with fans of the classic Italian orange bittersweet aperitif, for the Aperol Big Spritz Social from select dates May 31 to June 9. The area’s Electric Light Station will host the momentous event that will house a booze canal and the U.K.’s biggest ever Aperol spritz bar. 


Guests attending the Aperol Big Spritz Social will be able to sip spritz all night long from the U.K.’s biggest ever Aperol Spritz bar, crafted by Aperol’s Italian brand ambassadors, while listening to various DJs scratch beats. The festival also features an “Aperol orange” canal in which attendees can row little boats, a Vespa carousel, and even a pergola connected to a fun slide.

Tickets for the event are £10 ($13.50) per person, £18 ($24) for 2 tickets and £34 ($46) for three, and will include two Aperol Spritz beverages, as well as traditional Italian appetizers from Arancina. Additional drinks will be priced separately. Not a big fan of Aperol’s flavor but eager for the bright color? Pink is a cousin of orange, so grab one of the 50 best rosés for summer.

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