Interview With Laurent Drouhin, of the Legendary Winemaking Family

A family member of the prestigious winery estate Maison Joseph Drouhin chats with us about wine, family, and what’s to come

Drouhin is the Director of the United States Market.

Maison Joseph Drouhin creates some of Burgundy’s most renowned wines (with more than 90 different appellations in the region), and its American counterpart, Domaine Drouhin, creates some of Oregon’s best. We had the opportunity to speak with Laurent Drouhin, the Director of the United States Market, about celebrating 30 years in Oregon.

The Daily Meal: This year Domaine Drouhin Oregon celebrates its 30th Anniversary. Tell us a little about this accomplishment and what it means for the estate.
Laurent Drouhin:
When my father invested in Oregon in 1987, the area was not seen as a serious wine region. All eyes where on California at the time. Now Oregon and its various AVAs are considered some of the greatest places to grow, produce and refine delicate pinot noirs (more recently chardonnay). This 30-year anniversary reinforces the message that pinot noir has a second home. We will always be seen as some of the pioneers in that respect. The support and love we receive from the customers is extraordinary, now time to reach 100 years!

How do you maintain the same Drouhin Style in both Burgundy and Oregon?
The authenticity comes from earth; the style comes from history and knowledge. As a winemaker Veronique always has in mind that heritage. That is how you remain consistent in style.

Have your children (or the fifth generation of the family) expressed any interest in being the next generation to take the reins?
Even if I cannot predict the future, I do hope that the heritage, the passion, and the desire to be part of the Drouhin development in Oregon will drive at least one (hope for more), of the fifth generation to take over. So far their love for food and wine is there, a good sign.

What’s your favorite wine to serve this summer?
Roserock Chardonnay. Crisp, refreshing, versatile, direct. I enjoy it with family or after round of golf, with friends.

What is your favorite wine pairing?
Oregon pinot noir and rack of roasted lamb! A joy for the palate.


What does your perfect day consist of?
A round of golf with friends followed by an evening with wine and family and friends too!