The Holiday Gift Guide for Cocktail and Spirits Lovers

Johnnie Walker Blue

Sure, you can always gift a bottle of Johnnie Walker to the Scotch enthusiasts in your life — or, you can step up your game with a personalized bottle. The Johnnie Walker Blue (the rarest Scotch whisky in the House of Walker) bottles can be engraved with a personalized message. (New Yorkers can get theirs personalized at Grand Central Terminal.)


Knob Creek Bourbon Holiday Label

Can't afford Johnnie Walker Blue? Knob Creek's holiday-edition bourbon is just as cool: the custom label, designed by chef Michael Symon, makes your gift just as personal; plus, the label comes with a custom holiday cocktail recipe. (Order by Dec. 7 to receive by Dec. 24!)

Balls of Steel

If the name doesn't immediately grab you, than the company's mission might: 15 percent of sales go to testicular cancer research. So the men in your life won't just appreciate the stainless steel balls to chill their whiskey, they'll appreciate the cause behind it.

$19.99 for set,

Beluga Noble Vodka

You know there's always that one person in your life who will only drink vodka... so at least get them a premium vodka for the holidays. From grains grown in the plains of Siberia and blended with silver purified water, this unique malt spirit is distilled in Russia's famous Mariinsky Distillery. Currently, their classic Beluga Noble undergoes a 30-day maturation process and is triple-distilled with a precise blend of honey, oat, and milk thistle extract; offering an exquisitely smooth blend for sipping and mixing.


'The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion'

Included in the book are 151 cocktails for literally every occasion: holidays, accomplishments (i.e. first job), or even everyday activities (hot date and post-holiday are our favorites). Not that your loved ones need any more excuses to mix up a drink.


Leather Bar Kit

Making cocktails at home has never been so classy. The Society Fair bar kit turns the average cocktail mixer into a mixologist with the basic tools everyone needs: a julep strainer, a Hawthorne strainer, bar spoon, and more. 


Todd Thrasher's Artisan Cocktail Mixes

For the cocktail lovers who aren't pros at mixing on their own, mixologist Todd Thrasher at PX has done the work for you. With his collection of house-made tonics, garnishes, and mixes, mixology becomes a cinch. Our go-to's: the ginger beer syrup and thyme lime syrup.


Bitters, Old Men

Cocktail geeks won't believe the variety of bitters flavors from our favorite bitters maker: apricot fennel? Gator Glenn's citrus? Caramelized ramps? Roasted macademia? Our personal favorite: the chipotle single-malt bitters. Your cocktailaficionadofriends will have no shortage of inspiration with this collection of bitters.

$10 each, or

Vodka Zinger

For the food lovers who love to infuse vodkas, the Vodka Zinger makes it that much easier. Add just about any ingredient to the zinger and zap! Instantly infused vodka. We see a lot of bacon-infused vodka for everyone should you gift this. 


Premium Julep Strainer

The home bar just got a bit fancier with the gold-plated julep strainer, for the mixology pros in your life.


'The PDT Cocktail Book: The Complete Bartender's Guide From the Celebrated Speakeasy'

This should be a staple on every cocktail lover's bookshelf. In it, Jim Meehan shares all 304 cocktail recipes at his celebrated bar, PDT. Did you need another reason to pick this up? 


Jack Daniel's Ornament

OK, the beer-can Christmas tree is officially over. For the bros who love their Jack, get them a mini Jack Daniel's ornament. (And no, it's not filled with booze — so no need to worry, parents.)