Hello Kitty Introduces Even More Hello Kitty Wines

More like pinmeow noir!

Sanrio has announced the re-release and special edition release of some of their Hello Kitty-inspired wines.

Sanrio has announced the release of even more Hello Kitty wine selections. As you may or may not know, everyone’s favorite cute kitty has her own line of Italian wines. Well now, in addition to her black-bottled sparkling rosé, Hello Kitty is unleashing a pinot noir, a pinot nero vinified in white, a special edition sparkling rosé, and a re-release of her sweet pink sparkling wine.

If you’re wondering what makes Hello Kitty’s “special edition” sparkling rosé so special, it’s the packaging. The drink will be the same rosy-hued wine you know and love, now in a hot pink bottle emblazoned with Hello Kitty’s image. The re-release of the Hello Kitty Sweet Pink comes in the most adorable bottle, complete with a glass heart and a charming bow outlined in gold. Only 15,000 bottles will be available for purchase.



Whether you are purchasing this wine for yourself or for the Hello Kitty fanatic in your life, know that you can buy in bulk! Hello Kitty is selling her entire wine collection for $147.30, a combo pack for $97.85 and individually from between $39.95 to $24.95. Looking for a wine that’s more for adults than for kitty-cats? Check out the 25 best wine lists in America.