Hard Kombucha: Could It Be The Spiked Seltzer Of Summer 2020?

Fermented foods and low ABV drinks were two of the biggest food trends of the late 2010s. Kombucha, a drink made by fermenting tea and sugar with bacteria and yeast for about seven to 10 days, plays into both of those crazes. It's no secret that kombucha is already a hip beverage, but as summer 2020 approaches, can hard kombucha become the next spiked seltzer

The Fascinating Origins of Your Favorite Cocktails

Kombucha naturally contails alcohol, but not much. So, it comes as no surprise that the already popular beverage has been turned into an adult drink containing an ABV of around 4.4% — similar to ABV levels in light beer or spiked seltzer.

Its general popularity stems from being touted as a "functional food," or a food that has positive effects beyond nutrition. The drink is said to help with inflammation, reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure. Along with having advertised health benefits, kombucha is said to contain antioxidants and probiotics.

Hard kombucha is a great beer alternative for people who are gluten free and the tasty, sometimes sour drink, comes in a variety of flavors. People are flocking to hard kombucha as a so-called healthier alternative to other alcoholic beverages. If you're looking to mix up your summer drink list, while keeping that gut health on point, these are some brands to try:

JuneShine is a hard kombucha company that uses no artificial coloring, GMOs, pesticides, or processed corn or rice syrup. Ranging from an ABV of 4.2 to 6%, the brand has flavors that include pineapple orange, acai berry, and coconut ginger matcha. 

Kombrewcha is a company that makes hard kombucha with an ABV of 4.4%. They offer flavors (made with entirely organic ingredients) ranging from berry hibiscus to lemon grass lime.

Boochcraft makes plant-based kombucha, made with organic ingredients and a higher ABV of 7%. Their flavors include lemon maple, orange pomegranate and ginger lime.

Flying Embers 
Flying embers is available in nine different states. The brand brews in Ventura, California, and offers a variety of flavors including pineapple chili, ginger and oak, and grapefruit thyme. Flying Embers' hard kombucha has an ABV that ranges from 4.5%. to 7.2%.

Kyla is gluten-free and 100% vegan. The company brews in Hood River, Oregon, and offers flavors like ginger tangerine, hibiscus lime and pink grapefruit. Kyla's hard kombucha has an ABV of 4.5%.

Wild Tonic
Wild Tonic serves an array of different hard kombucha flavors, all with an ABV of 5.6%. The flavors include: blueberry basil, tropical tumeric, blackberry mint and strawberry blood orange. 

While there are a ton of different hard kombucha brands to choose from — if you'd rather stick to regular old beer this summer, here is a complete guide for everything you need to know about the adult drink