German Gin Brand Monkey 47 Lives Up to the Number in Its Name

The spirit more than triples the number of botanicals found in traditional gin recipes

The beautiful label was hand-drawn just for this bottle.

For people who aren’t the biggest fans of gin, we suggest they find the opportunity to sip Germany’s Monkey 47, a gin that incorporates 47 botanicals including not just the standard juniper and coriander, but also the more unique flavor elements of elderflower, lingonberries, and spruce. For reference, most gins use only around a dozen botanicals.

Last week, Monkey 47’s New York-based national brand ambassador, Lacy Hawkins, hosted a tasting experience and dinner with craft cocktail pairings at The Bowery Hotel. Each course was paired with an innovative take on a traditional gin-based cocktail. The menu included a gin and tonic with sage and lemon; a classic Gibson; and with dessert, a grasshopper with gin, crème de cacao, crème de menthe, chocolate, nutmeg, and a mint sprig.

Monkey 47 prepares the gin’s ingredients, many sourced from Germany’s Black Forest, on site. “Employees peel fruits and prep lavender by hand — justifying the ‘handcrafted’ tag,” explained distiller Alexander Stein in a recent Fortune article. Each bottle features batch and bottle numbers, allowing you to determine its age. The cork is sourced from an area in Portugal where the cork trees are known for being low in holes and pores. The label is hand-drawn. Everything about this gin, from the distilling process to its branding, is purposefully crafted to make this product different from your average gin.


Currently available in more than 50 countries on four continents, this gin has become a favorite of bartenders in the craft cocktail world. Last month Drinks International titled Monkey 47 as the most trending gin brand of 2017.