Franciacorta: Italy’s High-End Bubbly

Italy’s sparkling answer to French Champagne

While prosecco dominates much of Italy’s sparkling wine limelight, one tiny wine-producing region in Lombardy has staked its claim to fame with high-end bubbly. Wines from Franciacorta are made using the same method as Champagne and even built on the same key grapes as those from the prestigious region of France, leaning heavily into chardonnay and pinot noir.

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As Italy’s savvy sparkling wine answer to French Champagne, Franciacorta also carries Italy’s highest classification designation of DOCG, which ensures that the wines are made from vineyards that have lower yields and a keen focus on quality measures in both the cellar and vineyard. Strict grape variety selection, scaled bottle-aging requirements, and the use of méthode champenoise are all part of the DOCG requirements for Franciacorta production. Curious? Want to learn more about this hidden, sparkling gem of northern Italy? Get to know Franciacorta in six quick questions.