Foreign Starbucks Items We Wish We Had in America (Slideshow)

Some of these overseas Starbucks drinks and snacks look better than our own


Singapore’s latte lineup includes the “Asian Dolce Latte,” which comes with an extra shot of espresso, a sweet sauce, and a little ground espresso powder on top.


The snack options in Ireland’s Starbucks look incredible. They have something called “luxury fruit bread,” as well as soya and linseed toast, dry cured ham and Emmental croissants, and treats called marshmallow twizzles, which appear to be just marshmallows dipped in chocolate. We’re looking for our passports now.


In the Philippines, you can order a Coffee Jelly Frappuccino® Blended Beverage, which is kind of like a coffee version of bubble tea.


Starbucks in China offers mooncakes (round pastries filled with red bean or lotus seed paste) seasonally in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.


In France, one can order a Framboise Cassis Frappuccino® Boisson Frappe. Who wants to get started on the petition to bring this awesome-sounding raspberry-and-black currant frappe over here?


In Austria, you can order a Hazelnut Hot Chocolate to warm you up in the winter.


In Brazil, the muffins aren’t just oversweetned sweet puffs of refined flour the way they are here: you can order a mozzarella, tomato, and arugula muffin for a snack. Savory breakfast muffins? Yes, please.


How does a Banana Yoghurt Frappuccino sound? Amazing? Yes.