Celebrity Chefs Share their Favorite Booze and Brews Slideshow

Spaten Dark (Andrew Zimmern)

Back in his beer drinking days, Andrew Zimmern loved the flavor of Spaten Dark beers.

“Spaten Dark on tap,” said Zimmern when asked to name one of his favorite beers. “I love that yeasty, big, fat beer flavor.”

Corona (Buddy Valastro)

One of Buddy Valastro's favorite summer beers is Corona with lime.

“There's something about an ice cold Corona on a hot summer day with a lime in it,” said Valastro. “That's good.”

Bloody Mary (Anne Burrell)

When traveling on an airplane, Anne Burrell looks forward to ordering up the tomato based drink.

“I'm a huge fan of an airplane bloody Mary,” said Burrell.

Samuel Smith (Andrew Zimmern)

Andrew Zimmern recalled liking Samuel Smith before he began his sobriety.

“Some of the old tatty porters and pale ales,” said Zimmern.

Mojito (Nadia G.)

A cocktail Nadia G. loves to create is her own special mojito.

“I love to make a pink grapefruit cilantro mojito with some Thai chili,” said Nadia G.

Guinness (Anne Burrell)

Anne Burrell does not like beer, especially Guinness, because she finds it too filling.

“I actually went to the Guinness Brewery and I had a Guinness and I was like, ‘Ick, I just don't like it,’” said Burrell.

Czech Pilsner (Andrew Zimmern)

Another one of Andrew Zimmern's former favorites was Czech pilsner.

“These were the days when you had to go overseas to drink most Czech pilsners,” said Zimmern. “Absolutely superb.”

White Wine on the Rocks (Anne Burrell)

Anne Burrell prefers her white wine crisp and with ice.

“I like to drink my wine on the rocks,” said Burrell.

Pale Ale (Andrew Zimmern)

Pale ale was one of Zimmern’s favorite brews.