Zonin USA

Zonin USA

Budget-Priced Sparklers for Halloween

3 iterations of a textbook prosecco at a price that won't scare you
Zonin USA

Zonin USA

These bottles will dress up any witch's or warlock’s holiday table.

Why should kids have all the fun? We may have outgrown trick-or-treating, but we adults can celebrate Halloween with a grown-up party and rock the spirits back into the next world. To help the party cauldron bubble, you may want to consider serving one or more of these perfectly packaged proseccos from Zonin. Available in white, silver, and black editions, these bottles would dress up any witch's or warlock’s holiday table, and the price of each is so low it’s downright spooky.

Zonin Prosecco Editions ($17)

Zonin Prosecco White Edition. Composed of 91 percent glera (the traditional prosecco grape, which must constitute at least 85 percent of the wine) with 9 percent pinot bianco added for extra freshness, this is a very simple, citrusy prosecco with a hint of white flowers in the nose and on the palate. The mousse is delicate, the finish is dry, and the white-wrapped bottle is appropriately ghostly.

Zonin Prosecco Grey Edition. A bit fruitier and less citrusy than the White, this is a blend of 87 percent glera and 13 percent pinot grigio with a long, dry finish. It has a delicate nose, and apple and citrus emerge on the palate. The silvery, grey-wrapped bottle would certainly complement your cobwebbed table.

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Zonin Prosecco Black Edition. This is my favorite among the three. A more complex blend of 90 percent glera and 10 percent pinot noir with a lively mousse and plenty of fruit, and a bit of spice in the nose and on the palate, this one has a longer, more elegant brut finish.