The Best Sports Bars to Watch the Super Bowl Slideshow

Auto Battery Sports Bar (Seattle)

Only in Seattle can you enjoy a sports game the hipster way: this converted auto shop-turned-bar is dedicated to all Seattle teams, both college and professional. If you’re being dragged to watch sports but aren’t feeling it, head to the shuffleboard tables, pool tables, and Skee-Ball games. But it’s safe to say everyone can enjoy the food here: the Po Dog menu is filled with what may be the most deadly hot dog selections we’ve seen — with options like the Deep-Fried Danger Dog, Mac and Cheese Dog, and the Po-Roll dog that's rolled up with rice like sushi, this isn't your typical sports bar fare. Top it off with a Deschutes or a Manny’s brew, a PBR if you’re really feeling hipster, or a Black Fire cocktail if you’re feeling dangerous.

Why it’s perfect for the Super Bowl: Once again, Seattle residents have named Auto Battery the "it" sports bar for the Super Bowl. The real reason, say Eater readers? For its "bartenders who've been known to spontaneously offer drink specials to celebrate a touchdown." 

Number of TVs: 9
Number of Beers: 8 on draught, 15 bottled (plus Caffe Vita coffee and an unreal cocktail menu)
Best Thing on the Menu: The Po Roll, with cream cheese, cucumbers, rolled in sushi paper and panko-crusted and fried
Coolest Thing About It: The bar is hooked up to Nintendo Wii — so if you’re over NFL, start playing the game version. 

Lagasse’s Stadium (Las Vegas)

Chef Emeril Lagasse has reimagined what a sports bar could be, and turned his into a high-stakes venue. Located at The Palazzo on the Las Vegas Strip, the bar looks more like a swanky loft than a sports bar not that were complaining. TVs furnish the dining room, the "stadium" looks more like a plush movie theater, and the upstairs luxury boxes are outfitted with couches, pool tables, and even arcade games. And dont forget the upscale bar food, like the Stadium burger, shrimp po'boy, and baby back ribs you wont want to watch a game anywhere else, not even in a real stadium.

Chickie's and Pete's (Philadelphia)

This family-owned Philly sports bar chain has won numerous awards from ESPN, but they’re also known for one particular item on the menu: Crabfries. Imagine a crinkle-cut fry topped with the season’s leftover crab seasoning, with a cheesy sauce on the side — doesn’t get any better than that. Besides the seafood-heavy menu, it’s the fans and constant games on TV that make the Chickie's and Pete's outposts a favorite for game-watching. The South Philly location is known for legendary Eagles watch parties, but we’re sure any Philly team gets a lot of loving at Chickie's and Pete's.

Why it’s perfect for the Super Bowl: $30. All you can eat (with unlimited fountain drinks.) Crab fries, Philly-style sandwiches, pizza, mussels, cheesesteak nachos — do we really have to keep going? Chickie’s and Pete’s is the most family-friendly sports bar on the list, which makes game day fun for all ages.

Number of TVs: 18 in the flagship location, one in each private suite, plus one 12-foot projector and two 10-foot projectors
Number of Beers: 10
Best Thing on the Menu: The Magooby sandwich, made with Crabfries, cheese, shrimp, pickles, and onions
Coolest Thing About It: It’s home to the largest TV screen in Philly at the flagship, plus four bars — that will do the trick for fans.

Cooter Brown's (New Orleans)

Cooter’s is a NOLA institution, and was just voted best Sports Bar in 2012 by Gambit magazine. The grill and oyster bar, plus the "Celebrity Hall of Foam and Beersoleum" — yeah, you read that right — means you can eat some amazing New Orleans seafood (and drink with 100 of your favorite dead celebrities — that sounds weirder than we meant it to.)

Why it’s perfect for the Super Bowl: In a town that’s sure to go nuts for the game (they are hosting, after all), Cooter’s is a low-key option that still offers all the NOLA fixtures you hope for.

Number of TVs: 17, plus two 8-foot, floor-to-ceiling screens
Number of Beers: 60; 40 on tap at the front bar and 20 on tap at the back bar
Best Thing on the Menu: Tie between the soft-shell crab po’boy, boiled crawfish, and the Louisiana oysters (breaded and fried "to perfection")
The Best Thing About It: That "beersoleum" brings in tourists nonstop with pictures of John Wayne, Richard Nixon, Mickey Mantle, and Alfred Hitchcock.

Frankie's Sports Bar and Grill (Dallas)

Two patios, 30-plus HDTVs, bathroom mirror TVs (really), 20 local and national beers, and athlete-named dishes — yep, the checklist for best sports bar fits for Frankie’s Bar. The bar has consistently been named the best by both Dallas and national media outlets. Try the Usain Bolt sandwich, the Kobe & Shaq chicken waffles, the Rocky Balboa burger, and more athlete-inspired items on the menu, for when you’re truly feeling like a champion.

Why it’s perfect for the Super Bowl: It’s the ultimate Super Bowl spot in Dallas — behold the "super party" menu. Six drink tickets, unlimited food (really), a swag bag, and raffle tickets for bigger prizes — it’s all at Frankie’s. It’s $50 to reserve your seat with the help of a floor plan, so you know exactly which TV you’ll be staring at all night. Don’t feel like paying $50? Frankie’s will still have room for walk-ins. (The managers recommend getting there about three hours before the game, before the madness begins.)

Number of TVs: Depending on the location; 70 flat screens at Fort Worth, 43 flat screens at Lewisville, and 33 flat screens at Dallas, including HDTV projectors
Number of Beers: 20 on draught, 12 bottled
Best Thing on the Menu: The Mike Tyson burger, made with two patties, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, melted Swiss cheese, and Frankie’s Famous Boomerang sauce
Coolest Thing About It: Every night is a new event — trivia, build-your-own bloody mary bar and brunch, and watch parties for UFC and MLB, just for starters. 

STATE (Chicago)

Even if you aren't a sports fanatic, it's worth heading to STATE if only for the food — filet mignon burger, sockeye salmon, and quinoa salad aren’t your typical sports bar offerings. And making STATE that much more impressive? The bar’s 124 HD plasma TVs to keep fans watching all night. If that’s not enough, STATE also has a giant draught beer selection: 100 total. We’ll take it.

Why it’s perfect for the Super Bowl: Our sources tell us the Super Bowl party at STATE this year will have $20 bottomless mimosas and the debut of the Bloody Mary bottle service — we imagine it looks somewhat like heaven. Also on tap at STATE: raffles for gift cards and parties. This is one Super Bowl party you Chicagoans won’t want to miss.

Number of TVs: 124
Number of Beers: 100
Best Thing on the Menu: Filet Mignon Santa Fe Toast, with USDA Prime filet mignon, Fire Sky barbecue sauce, and pepper jack cheese
Coolest Thing About It: Trivia nights, with prizes up to $1,000 cash. Yeah, we’ll take it.

Bourbon Street (Queens, N.Y.)

The Cajun heaven in Bayside, Queens, Bourbon Street doesn’t just offer jambalaya, gumbo, and happy hour specials up the wazoo — it’s a little piece of New Orleans’ famed bar-hopping street.

Why it’s perfect for the Super Bowl: On tap at the NOLA home away from home: a hot and cold buffet, unlimited drinks (that includes mixed drinks, beer, wine, and soda), and raffles and prize drawings. Just $45 gets you all that plus plenty of plasma TVs to watch the game on.

Number of Beers: 12 on tap
Number of TVs:10+
Best Thing on the Menu: The Cajun Sampler (of blackened chicken, blackened shrimp, Andouille sausage and Creole sauce served over rice and beans)
Best Thing About It: Away from the mess of Manhattan, it may be one of the best places to get a burger and a beer for just $6.

Pete's Tavern (San Francisco)

It’s called the premier sports bar of San Francisco for a reason — it's located just across the street from the SF Giants' AT&T Park — but it’s the cocktails and draft beer on offer that get us excited. Say hello to the Ballpark Cooler (made with Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka and lemonade), the Pete’s Rye Manhattan, plus Drake’s 1500 ale, Speakeasy Prohibition brew, and Red Hook ESP. It’s spacious, it’s rowdy, it’s filled with TVs — what more could you ask for?

Why it’s perfect for the Super Bowl: As if you needed another excuse to party in San Francisco, you 49ers fans: Pete’s Tavern is hosting a huge party with Live 105 and No Name for the big game. At Pete’s and its sister location, Pedro’s Cantina, there are no table reservations (so don’t expect to hold down fort while you wait for your hungover friends to join you), but the coverage charge is minimal ($10). Let’s just say, Pete’s is ready to party. (Our friends at Pete’s tell us to get there early!)
Number of TVs: 22
Number of Beers: 12 on draught, 15 bottled (including 10 wines)
Best Thing on the Menu: Bacon-wrapped dog, with onions and peppers
Coolest Thing About It: Proximity to AT&T Park, plus lots of space and seating, making it a great home for Giants games.

Mother’s Federal Hill Grille (Baltimore)

This tavern and award-winning restaurant sits in the hippest part of Baltimore, which means it’s always hopping on game day. While it has plenty of TVs for the die-hard Ravens fans, not-so-die-hard football fans will appreciate the casual, tavern feel — not everyone is glued to a TV. Every other day of the week, Mother’s attracts its crowd for their homemade cooking.

Why it’s perfect for the Super Bowl: Mother’s is limiting its capacity for game day to ensure a better game-watching experience. For $10, you can hang out on the patio (heated so you don't freeze your butts off), with plenty of TVs to watch the game; while tables inside Mother’s can range from $40 to $250. That may sound steep, but consider this — a portion of ticket sales from Mother’s will go toward Baltimore City Police Kids Outreach, Believe in Music Baltimore, Roots of Music New Orleans, and Athletes Serving Athletes. If that doesn’t convince you to get a table, we don’t know what will. (And judging by the AFC playoff drink specials, you can probably expect some Purple Shots on the Purple Patio.)

Number of TVs: 10-plus
Number of Beers: 10-plus
Best Thing on the Menu: The “Heart Attack Plate” (beer-battered, deep-fried Angus burger stuffed with cheddar cheese)
Best Thing about It: A Purple Patio for its home team? Just a stone’s throw from the stadium, it’s the perfect place to tailgate.

Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar (New Orleans)

Walk-On’s is the passion project of two Louisiana State alumni, Jack Warner and Brandon Landry, which may explain why the Louisiana state chain is such a favorite among locals. The bar most recently beat out others national sports bars in ESPN’s mobile contest, and continues to draw in sports-hungry fans with traditional Southern bites like Louisiana alligator, catfish, crawfish, and jumbo Gulf shrimp. (Be sure to check out the Final Four challenge, too — complete a 2-foot sandwich of shrimp, crawfish, and catfish served with cheese fries, a cookie skillet sundae, and a 32-ounce Coke in less than 30 minutes and the meal is free.) The beer menu is your traditional Miller Lite, Coors Light, and Budweiser taps, but you won’t even notice you're not sipping a craft beer when watching the game.

Why it’s perfect for the Super Bowl: Bistreaux’s New Orleans location is set for game day: The day before the Super Bowl is the "Sea Food Bowl," with fresh seafood, live music, and access to the "post-game party" for the big game. That’s for a mere $20, but the real party has a steeper price. On game day, according to, the restaurant will have a 15,000-square-foot tent in the adjacent parking lot for the ultimate tailgate party. Live music? Check. Seafood buffet? Check. Open bar? Check. (OK, it costs a pretty penny — $400 — but for a true NOLA experience, we think it’s well worth it.) The cheaper options: the $250 game watch inside the restaurant, with an open bar and four-course Louisiana seafood meal. Even cheaper, the $100 tent party with food and drink tickets with access to the postgame party. Basically, just plan on camping out at Bistreaux’s for the full weekend — sound good?

Number of TVs: 100 +
Number of Beers: 10 +
Best Dish on the Menu: Tie between Cajundillas (made with chicken Andouille sausage, boudin, and caramelized onions), and the Crawfish Mac and Cheese
Coolest Thing About It: The history of the bar: two college friends dreamed it up on a trip back from a Louisiana State/ Tennessee game. That’s the stuff sports nuts dream about, and they made it happen.