This Is The Best Iced Tea In America

Iced tea is the wind beneath our wings, but with so many kinds out there, how could anyone know which one is most divine? What is the best iced tea in America? Well, we asked and you answered. By answering a short survey, participants told us their favorite bottled ice tea brands, sweet tea from chain restaurants and unsweetened tea from chain restaurants. The polls are closed and the results are in.

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The best bottled iced tea goes to Gold Peak, which captured 17 percent of the vote. You can find this brand at your standard corner store, gas station, grocer or supermarket. Gold Peak makes slightly sweet, sweetened, extra sweet, unsweetened, diet, green, raspberry, peach, lemon and lemonade teas. Honorable mentions go to Lipton-owned Pure Leaf (12 percent), Obama's favorite Honest Tea (11 percent) and Snapple (9 percent), famous for printing fun factoids on the inside of its bottle caps. Did you know mangoes have noses? Yeah, us either.

There was a flat-out tie for the best unsweetened chain iced tea. Chick-fil-A and McDonald's claimed the throne by splitting 32 percent of the vote, while Dunkin' (10 percent) and Panera Bread (7.5 percent) trickled in second and third. There was absolutely no question about which chain has the best sweetened iced tea, though. McDonald's won by a landslide of epic proportions with 22 percent of the vote. The Golden Arches uses a blend of orange pekoe and pekoe cut black tea with lots of sugar. There are 28 grams of sugar in a medium, which is almost in range with the entire recommended daily allowance — but that's what makes this baby taste so great. Honorable mentions for this category go to Chick-fil-A (14.5 percent) and Panera Bread (8 percent) — and that's the tea. Now that we know which brands reign superior here, check out the results of our survey for the best coffee in America.