The Best Coffee Shops Near 50 College Campuses (Slideshow)


Best Shop Near American University: Davenport Coffee Lounge

+ Energy Boosts: Price of a small coffee is $1.25; accepts AU meal plan money; free Wi-Fi; plenty of seating; study central
- Caffeine Headaches: It gets crowded

Davenport Coffee Lounge is a nonprofit, student-run organization that believes in friendly service and delicious products. It’s nestled in the SIS building in the former chapel and strives to bring students, faculty, and staff together. It’s a favorite among students who need a fix of caffeine before classes. There are plenty of seats and tables to accommodate workers and those just catching up with friends.

Best Shop Near Amherst College: Higher Cup: Amherst Coffee

+ Energy Boosts: Study central; open daily till 12:30 a.m (except for Sundays).; outdoor seating
- Caffeine Headaches: No free Wi-Fi; steep prices

Bunk up at one of the communal or solo tables for some coffee and studying. If you’re there past 3 p.m., indulge in the whiskey bar, or a glass of wine or spirits. Local musicians sometimes come in for live music, which is a nice change from studying silence. Whether you’re looking for some entertainment or for a spot to study, check out Amherst Coffee.

Best Coffee Shop Near Arizona State University: Cartel Coffee Lab

+ Energy Boosts: Five-minute drive from campus; study central; sweet staff; great for dates
- Caffeine Headaches: loud tunes; weak Wi-Fi

According to the Valley Girl blog of Arizona Foothills Magazine, Cartel has a reputation as a neighborhood living room for students. The walls of the shop are always filled with a rotating selection of local artwork, but one thing that never changes is the consistently delicious coffee made from house-roasted beans. The pleasant staff and clientele provide a fun yet study-friendly environment. Although it’s not right on campus, Cartel is definitely worth the extra haul for delicious coffee and a great environment.

Best Shop Near Auburn University: Toomer’s Coffee Company

+ Energy Boosts: Free Wi-Fi; study central
- Caffeine Headaches: Steep prices; spotty Wi-Fi

Toomer’s Coffee Company opened its University Village shopping center location in 2005, and since then, it has become a staple for Auburn students. The rarity of the independent business in the town keeps customers coming back. Though it’s sometimes difficult to maintain a Wi-Fi connection, this is a great study spot away from the usual campus spots.

Best Shop Near Baylor University: Common Grounds

+ Energy Boosts: Open daily until midnight; free Wi-Fi; outdoor seating; study central; proximity to campus
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded; steep prices

Common Grounds at Baylor is a Waco staple. Students and locals alike join at this coffee shop to attend events, study, and, most important, enjoy quality coffee. The large inside has three cozy rooms with couches, chairs, and tables, and the outside porches also have space to enjoy a nice day. The outdoor area also serves as a stage for frequent concerts. It’s the perfect college hangout and a great coffeehouse venue set to encompass the qualities of the neighboring Christian university.

Best Shop Near Boston University: Pavement Coffee House

+ Energy Boosts: Late hours; free Wi-Fi; inexpensive
- Caffeine Headaches: Small space; grab-and-go; don’t come in a rush

Pavement is getting acclaim from Boston Magazine for being one of the coolest and best coffee shops in America, so it’s no surprise that it is included on our list of the best coffee shops near college campuses. Once a part of the Espresso Royale chain, Pavement is now a local and independent collection of coffee shops. Soon to be joined by the city’s fourth location on Commonwealth Avenue, the Newbury location of Pavement serves up Counter Culture Coffee and works closely with the roaster to stock the freshest seasonal coffees in the world. Fully trained baristas can make everything from espresso to pour-over. The comfortable interior and inexpensive drinks make this shop perfect for a quick refuel.

Best Shop Near Brown University: College Hill Café

+ Energy Boosts: Speedy service
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded; limited seating

The coffee shop in the Brown University bookstore is owned and operated by Blue State Coffee, a provider of fair trade, organic coffees. Blue State Coffee roasts in small batches for ultimate freshness and sustains relationships with its farmers. Food offerings at this shop are local and seasonal, with vegetarian options, homemade baked goods, and gluten-free options. The "zero waste" policy means all of the products are recyclable, compostable, or reusable.

Best Shop Near University of California, Berkeley: Caffe Strada

+ Energy Boosts: Late hours (6:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.); free Wi-Fi; study central
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded; skimpy on outlets; cash only

The abundance of outdoor seating at this Berkeley coffee shop is enough to  get people lining up for a cup of coffee, and friendly and knowledgeable staff brewing delicious coffee is what brings them back every time. The great atmosphere is perfect for those who need a break from the painfully quiet library; lots of studiers come here to enjoy nice weather. With inexpensive prices and a great space, it’s no wonder this is one of the best coffee shops around.

Best Shop Near University of California, Davis: Mishka’s Café:

+ Energy Boosts: Open daily until 11 p.m.; free Wi-Fi; outdoor seating; study central

- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded; scarce outlets

Mishka’s Café was founded in 1995 to create a place in Davis where friends could meet, converse, read, and relax. It moved in 2011 to a sustainable, solar-powered green building to prove its sustainability beliefs; and serves organic, fair-trade coffees to students. Bring cash, because although the shop accepts credit cards, you’ll be charged to use one. Definitely venture to downtown Davis to experience this gem.

Best Shop Near Claremont College (Scripps): The Motley Coffeehouse

+ Energy Boosts: Study central; indoor/outdoor seating
- Caffeine Headaches: Space is tight; slow service

The motto at Motley is "Come for the coffee, stay for the love." The Motley Coffeehouse, a nonprofit coffee shop, is a feminist organization run by the students at Scripps College. Since its 1974 opening on the all-girls campus, its mission statement encompasses ways the shop can be an "intersectional, political, and feminist business." Bring your own mug for the delicious coffee if you’re on the go; you won’t find to-go cups here. Though it is Scripps-operated, it is a favorite among students at the other four Claremont Colleges.

Best Shop Near University of Colorado, Boulder: Buchanan’s Coffee Pub

+ Energy Boosts: Early/late hours; free Wi-Fi; study central 
- Caffeine Headaches: Usually crowded

In 1994, Buchanan’s Coffee Pub was established to provide the students and faculty of the University of Colorado with a space perfect for enjoying coffee, socializing, and studying. It caters to everyone’s needs, even extending its hours during finals week. The prices are student-friendly, at only $1.50 for a small house coffee. The coffee shop serves beans roasted by Conscious Coffees (which are 100 percent fair trade and named Roast Magazine’s 2011 Micro-roaster of the Year), along with other products from local businesses. Whether you need a caffeine fix or simply a break from campus, the sun-drenched coffee shop is perfect for the Buffs.

Best Shop Near Columbia University: Joe the Art of Coffee

+ Energy Boosts: Free Wi-Fi; on campus; huge windows; study central
- Caffeine Headaches: Crowded; big bucks; scarce outlets

Joe the Art of Coffee gets recognition from publications like The New York Times as one of the best coffee bars in New York City (and The Daily Meal). With a location on Columbia’s campus, the coffee shop is creating a fan base with a younger, caffeine-hungry crowd. Located in the NWC Building and with views of Riverside Church, the single origin drip bar is the perfect spot for a coffee in between classes or to post up and study for the afternoon. For a change from the usual coffee chains near campus, definitely check out Joe the Art of Coffee for an on-campus quick fix.

Best Shop Near Cornell University: CAFEO

+ Energy Boosts: Open seven days a week; creative drinks; small black coffee is $2 (tax included)
- Caffeine Headaches: Small space

CAFEO is a small espresso bar in Collegetown, right outside of the Cornell campus. The coffee shop was opened in 2012 by an Ithaca College graduate and serves Gimme! Coffee, a local roast from in Ithaca. The coffee shop focuses on Vietnamese- and Mexican-inspired coffee beverages like the Iced Vietnamese Yogurt Espresso, espresso pulled over local yogurt. Though it’s a small space, CAFEO is definitely worth a trip to Collegetown for a cup of unique and delicious coffee.

Best Shop Near Dartmouth College:

+ Energy Boosts: Free Wi-Fi; study central; open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
- Caffeine Headaches: Often noisy; expensive prices

Dirt Cowboy Café offers 100 percent pure Arabica beans, roasted and brewed  to order and served to more than 600 daily customers. A Hanover staple since 1993, the coffee roaster and café listens to customers and their requests into consideration. If you need something besides coffee, this shop is also a happening juice bar. Passersby can stop in after shopping on Main Street, while students often post up to catch up on reading. 

Best Shop Near Duke University: Joe van Gogh

+ Energy Boosts: Study central, free, speedy Wi-Fi; price of small black coffee = $1.65
- Caffeine Headaches: Long lines

Duke Dining Services founded Joe van Gogh in the fall of 2008 as a shop open to students, professors, and the Duke community. It started as a quick to-go style coffee shop, but grew into a hangout spot with tables and an outdoor patio. The coffee is fair trade and locally roasted. When it closed for a brief renovation this past semester, students found it hard to find a replacement for an on-campus coffee shop. Now, open again, Joe van Gogh is the go-to spot for studying, catching up with friends, or simple caffeinating

Best Shop Near University of Florida: Bay Islands Coffee Co.

+ Energy Boosts: Price of small coffee is $1.41
- Caffeine Headaches: No Wi-Fi

"Being Better Than Starbucks since 1997!" That’s the tagline of Bay Islands Coffee Co. Just a short distance from University of Florida’s campus, the coffee shop is definitely a grab-and-go kind of place: it’s a coffee stand with two benches in the middle of a parking lot. You can drive through or walk up, but it doesn’t matter how you acquire it. It will be delicious each time. It’s right near Chili’s; you may not see it at first, but this coffee shop has become of landmark importance to locals and students.

Best Shop Near Florida State University: Atomic Coffee

+ Energy Boosts: Price of a small coffee is $2.45; comfortable seating
- Caffeine Headaches: Long lines

Atomic Coffee’s east campus location fills the gap of a student-centric world-class coffee shop, according to It’s so close to campus that you can do a quick stop in the shop in between classes (that is, if the line is short enough). Loads of armchairs and tables invite students to do work in the coffee shop while they sip on Intelligentsia, Stumptown, and Counter Culture brews. In a town crowded with bars, this coffee shop proves that the art of coffee is necessary in even the most booze-heavy towns.

Best Shop Near By Georgetown University: Uncommon Grounds at The Corp

+ Energy Boosts: On campus; free Wi-Fi; comfortable seating
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded

Uncommon Grounds opened in 1995 in the Leavey Center as part of the Corp. The "Students Serving Students" motto is exemplified in this independent coffeehouse, with great music (including live performances), poetry readings, open-mic nights, and exhibitions of student artwork. This shop is truly for the students and is the perfect on-campus coffee location, making the decision to support an independent coffee shop over a large chain an easy one

Best Shop Near University of Georgia: Walker’s Coffee & Pub

Foursquare/ MattP

+ Energy Boosts: Good Wi-Fi; comfy seating
- Caffeine Headaches: Not many food options

A coffee shop by day, bar by night, this is one of UGA students’ favorite spots. Seven different coffees are brewed daily, including the two unique roasts Dancing Goats and Walker’s Roast. With season favorites like mochas and blended frozen drinks, Walker’s is the perfect place to study, chat, relax, or grab something to eat. Don’t give in to the Starbucks right next door; this coffee shop with hardwood booths, clean bathrooms, and delicious drinks is a much better use of your time and money.

Best Shop Near Harvard University: Crema Café

+ Energy Boosts: Small 8-ounce coffee is $1.60; community tables; local emphasis
- Caffeine Headaches: Can be noisy; no Wi-Fi; crowded

The idea for Crema Café came from an unsatisfying cup of coffee in Paris during a study abroad trip. Two University of Michigan students moved back to Boston and decided to open something they thought was missing in Harvard Square: an independent, neighborhood café where people could come together and enjoy hand-crafted beverages. The house roaster is George Howell Coffee Co., based in Acton, Mass. The café gets to visit the local roaster to learn, taste, and talk with Howell, himself. The coffee shop also offers other roasters from across the country, like Café Grumpy, based in New York, and Counter Culture, based in Durham, N.C. Everything in the café is made in-house.

Best Shop Near University of Illinois: Caffe Paradiso

+ Energy Boosts: Open daily until 11 p.m.; free Wi-Fi; price of small coffee is $2.40
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded; dimly lit

Caffe Paradiso is an independent, locally owned café that serves direct-trade Intelligentsia coffees and espresso. It always provides other local products, like soups, breads, and pastries from Mirabelle. Other Illinois students know the secret of Paradiso, so good luck finding a seat on afternoons and weekends unless you stake out a spot early. This hipster ambience is not too far from campus, so be sure to check this out if you need a break from dorm life.

Best Shop Near Indiana University, Bloomington: Runcible Spoon

+ Energy Boosts: Free refills with food orders; great service; free Wi-Fi; good prices; homey; coffee roaster
- Caffeine Headaches: Busy at brunch

The Spoon is a cozy hideaway that Bloomington students can easily take advantage of. It has been importing and roasting beans on the premises since 1976 and remains the only coffee roaster in the town today. In fact, for many years, this was the only coffee roaster in the Midwest, and though it now has competitors, it is by far the longest lasting. The Spoon buys organic, shade-grown, and fair trade whenever possible. Though brunch causes a rush of customers and business, this is a great spot to visit in the middle of the afternoon for a cup of freshly roasted coffee and some quiet reading space.

Best Shop Near University of Iowa: The Java House

+ Energy Boosts: Sixteen-ounce House Blend is $2.10; study central
- Caffeine Headaches: Spotty Wi-Fi

A 1990 visit to University of California, Berkeley instilled a passion for coffee house ambiance in Tara Cronbaugh. Four years later, she opened her own coffee shop, the Java House, in Iowa City. Decorated with antique furniture and serving delicious coffee, the Java House is complete with a coffeehouse vibe. Friday nights are devoted to live music, and the coffee shop’s Facebook page shows that there are deals on drinks often. The shop also offers a complimentary coffee tasting to allow customers to find their favorite blends. There are plenty of places to sit, even with the consistent crowd of Iowa students typing and scribbling away.

Best Shop Near Johns Hopkins University: Café Alkimia at Gilman

+ Energy Boosts: Student discount; speedy Wi-Fi; small coffee is $1.74

- Caffeine Headaches: Open Monday through Friday only

Café Alkimia is a coffee shop in the recently renovated Gilman Hall. The spot, established in 2011, is affiliated with the popular lunch spot Café Azafran, but focuses mostly on coffee and quick bites. The cafés use Counter Culture Coffee, and owner Irena Stein and her team pride themselves on serving food, espresso, and coffee from the highest quality beans. With daily creations like meringues and coffee-glazed gingerbread cake to accompany signature, blended drinks, this is the perfect spot for a caffeine and sugar jolt.

Best Shop Near University of Kansas: Henry’s Coffee Shop

+ Energy Boosts: Outdoor seating; quiet space; study central; fireplace; great for dates; coffee to stay is $2, includes one refill
- Caffeine Headaches: Crowded

Henry’s is really the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee after a long day of classes. Then later, you can drink your student woes away as the upstairs floor turns into a bar. The café serves PT’s Coffee Roasting Company beans, a roaster based out of Topeka, Kan. The baristas get high praise as the best baristas in Lawrence. From sorority girls to middle-aged professors, this is a watering hole for a variety of those involved with KU, aided by its short distance from campus.

Best Shop Near Lehigh University: The Wise Bean

+ Energy Boosts: Free Wi-Fi; outdoor seating
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded; steep prices

The Wise Bean serves as a retreat from everyday stresses and allows patrons to engage in the local community outside of Lehigh’s campus. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee to go or using the Wi-Fi and enjoying the changing art selections on the walls, The Wise Bean is a neighborhood spot that encompasses everything that makes a coffee house special: fresh coffee that’s never more than 10 days post-roasting date, products from local bakeries, and lots of seating. If you’re feeling a bit homesick and a bit over the Starbucks on campus, come to this family-owned joint with a living room feel for a cup of coffee and some studying.

Best Shop Near Louisiana State University: Highland Coffees

+ Energy Boosts: Open daily till 11 p.m.; free Wi-Fi; outdoor seating; accepts LSU Tiger Cash
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded

Highland Coffees has committed the past 25 years to providing Baton Rouge with the freshest coffee roasts possible. The café at the gates of LSU has an abundance of seating inside, both stand-alone chairs and ones at tables. The shop offers a variety of coffee drinks, as well as pastries and breads. It’s a cozy place to spend studying near LSU’s campus, and the fair prices will bring you back time after time.

Best Shop Near University of Michigan: Mighty Good

+ Energy Boosts: Study central; great for dates; free Wi-Fi; small drip coffee is $2
- Caffeine Headaches: Big bucks

Mighty Good roasts its own beans twice a week, providing fresh and delicious drinks to the Ann Arbor community. The 10-minute walk from the Diag can be slightly inconvenient, but on the weekends, it’s the perfect opportunity to get off campus but get work done. The coffee shop offers unique coffee drinks like the Cocoa Latte and Brown Sugar Sea Salt Latte. Overall, this shop not only has great coffee, but also enough comfortable seating to for the masses, Wi-Fi for getting work done, and delicious food options.

Best Shop Near Middlebury College: Crossroads Café

+ Energy Boosts: Price of small coffee is $1.55; long hours
- Caffeine Headaches: Usually crowded

The Crossroads Café is a student-run nonprofit on Middlebury’s campus that acts as a hub for different events on campus. The goal of the shop is to provide a selection of healthy and tasty foods and drinks to students. Crossroads supports fair-trade efforts, local dairy, and humanely raised meats. It hosts events like trivia night and $1 waffle night during exam periods and is a favorite among students for study breaks.

Best Coffee Shop Near New York University: Everyman Espresso

+ Energy Boosts: Great for dates; speedy Wi-Fi; price for small drip coffee is $2.25
- Caffeine Headaches: Steep prices; minimal seating room

Everyman Espresso opened in August of 2007 in the lobby of the Classic Stage Company, an off-Broadway theater. Since then, it has become a staple to East Village coffee lovers, including caffeine-hungry students at NYU. Manager Sam Lewontin is the current North East Regional Barista champion. The shop serves up Counter Culture Coffee and milk from local Battenkill Valley Creamery in Salem, N.Y. A recent renovation at the 13th Street location has a warehouse vibe that may not be perfect for an afternoon of studying, but sure worth the trip for a renowned cup of coffee.

Best Coffee Shop Near University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: The Daily Grind Espresso Café

+ Energy Boosts: Accepts UNC Onecards; free Wi-Fi; outdoor seating
- Caffeine Headaches: Early closing hours

Founded 20 years ago, The Daily Grind Espresso Café is an independently owned coffee shop in Chapel Hill’s Student Stores Building. It specializes in organic coffees, espresso drinks, teas, and smoothies, and the coffee beans are roasted locally at Counter Culture Coffee. It serves pastries and lunch items. The one complaint is its early closing hours, but the shop conveniently stays open later during exam times.

Best Shop Near Northwestern University: Unicorn Café

+ Energy Boosts: Free Wi-Fi
- Caffeine Headaches: Cash only

The Unicorn is one of the most popular spots to relax, read, write, and enjoy coffee near Northwestern. It serves Alterra Coffee and has the right amount of personality that allows you to buckle down and study with less harshness than the library. If you’re in a hurry, it’s probably best to skip the Unicorn for a grab-and-go kind of deal. But if you have a moment to spare, go in to enjoy coffee and the coffee shop experience as a whole.

Best Shop Near Ohio University: Donkey Coffee

+ Energy Boosts: Long hours; outdoor seating; free Wi-Fi; price of regular coffee is $2
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded; steep prices (for fancier drinks)

Donkey Coffee has plenty of space but still manages to keep a cozy vibe. Its fundamental mission is to provide fair trade coffee, exceptional hospitality, live music, and art through the shop. It serves as a home to a variety of people, from OU students to Athenians, and has raked in local awards like “Best Coffee in Athens” (which it has won for the past 10 years) by Athens News Readers Poll. It caters to its customers by serving as a home to poetry readings on Wednesdays, live music on Thursdays, and 24 hour-study sessions during finals week. Customers love the coffee, too, which is one of the many reasons it’s not hard to camp out here for hours at a time.

Best Coffee Shop Near Oklahoma State University: Aspen Coffee Company

+ Energy Boosts: Outdoor seating; free Wi-Fi; study central
- Caffeine Headaches: Scarce outlets

Aspen Coffee Company opened in October 1994 with the hope of changing the coffee culture in the small town of Stillwater, Okla. With three locations in Stillwater, the location on West Seventh Avenue is frequented by students for late-night studying. When there were no roasters nearby, it helped open the local and micro roaster called Endo’s Roastery, which roasts beans fresh for each order. By helping found the roaster and providing coffee for the past two decades, Aspen can be thanked for boosting the coffee scene in Stillwater.

Best Shop Near University of Oregon: The Buzz

+ Energy Boosts: Open daily till midnight or later; accepts UO Campus Cash; study central; comfortable seating; on campus
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded

The Buzz says on its site, "The Buzz is a place where students gather to meet their friends, relax, study, listen to live entertainment, and enjoy espresso." It hosts many events, like open-mic nights and art exhibits. The shop offers a full-service espresso bar, blended espresso drinks, Allann Bros. Coffee (organic and fair trade), and baked goods and other snacks. For a quick caffeine fix or a prolonged studying experience, head to The Buzz.

Best Shop Near Pennsylvania State University: Irving's

+ Energy Boosts: Price of small coffee is $1.41; great food selection; study central; free Wi-Fi; long hours

- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded

Stop by Irving’s upstairs for a sandwich or a bagel, but venture downstairs for the perfect study spot. The shop was founded with the intention of maintaining high standards for food and service in the State College community. This shop wears many hats — from sandwich shop to study-oriented basement — and everyone who steps inside can find what they are looking for. Definitely visit Irving’s basement for an escape from campus to study and sip on some java. 

Best Shop Near University of Pennsylvania: Metropolitan Bakery

+ Energy Boosts: Close to campus; great for dates; price of small coffee is $1.75
- Caffeine Headaches: No Wi-Fi

Need to get away for a bit? Metro is the perfect stop for some "me time." No Wi-Fi means no parked laptops. Instead, bring a book while you enjoy a cup of coffee at a communal table. From soups to salads to variations of grilled cheese, the homemade items can keep your drink from the espresso bar company. The bakery uses Green Street Coffee, a local roaster from Philadelphia, and serves drinks as simple as plain coffee to mochaccinos. Whether you’re grabbing a coffee on your way to class or are looking for a place to hang out, Metro is a great way to support an independent business.

Best Shop Near Princeton University: Small World Coffee

+ Energy Boosts: Long hours seven days a week; study central; speedy service
- Caffeine Headaches: Cash only; free Wi-Fi for one hour only; few outlets; loud

Small World Coffee opened its doors at the end of 1993, and since then, they have had nonstop long lines and eagerly thirsty customers. This Princeton favorite has tons of coffee education classes and serves as a gallery to local artists. The owners, Jessica Durrie and Brant Cosaboom, came from a coffee shop near the University of Michigan and decided to open up their own coffee shop in a vibrant college town with varied shops and heavy foot traffic. The loyal customers and staff members contribute to the success of the coffee shop, as does the in-house roasting operation introduced in 1995. Communal tables, a monthly art show, and conversation-oriented booths create the perfect atmosphere for students to review or hang out.

Best Shop Near University of Southern California: Literatea

+ Energy Boosts: In Doheny Library; study central; ambiance; speedy Wi-Fi
- Caffeine Headaches: Only open Monday through Friday; limited seating

Literatea is a hidden gem in toward the back of the Doheny Library. It is the perfect spot for a bit of solo reading and a great cup of coffee or tea. If you need a break from delicious but strong coffee, the loose tea offerings will hit the spot. Though there isn’t much seating available, the courtyard is perfect for enjoying a beautiful Southern California day. With healthy food items to grab on the go and its prime campus location, Literatea makes studying a bit more productive.

Best Shop Near Stanford University: Coupa Café

+ Energy Boosts: $1.50 small coffee; on campus; indoor/outdoor seating; study central

- Caffeine Headaches: Slow service at peak times

Coupa Café gets the Cardinal stamp of approval. The Y2E2 Building location of Coupa Café opened in October of 2008, and since then, this location has become a student favorite. It serves fair trade coffee from local farmers, including one of the best single-origin, certified organic, fair trade coffees on campus. It offers a variety of add-ins like soymilk and almond milk, and the food options are made with locally grown products. The Y2E2 Building location of Coupa Café is the perfect on-campus coffee shop.

Best Shop Near Syracuse University: Freedom of Espresso

+ Energy Boosts: Speedy, free Wi-Fi; knowledgeable baristas
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded

Freedom of Espresso is a local roaster and coffeehouse with four locations in the greater Syracuse area. The Armory Square location is closest to Syracuse’s campus, and though it’s a bit far, it’s worth the trip. It uses locally roasted beans and offers a large variety of coffee and espresso drinks. The homey yet funky vibe with soft lighting invites local professionals and students alike looking to spend a few hours using widely available outlets and free or just for a quick visit. According to a piece from the News House, Syracuse’s student media organization, the local charm is worth the price that's similar to the Starbucks across the street.

Best Shop Near University of Texas, Austin: Bennu

+ Energy Boosts: Comfy chairs; free Wi-Fi; study central; price of small coffee is $1.50
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded

Have a long night of studying ahead of you? Bennu Coffee is open 24 hours a day for all of your caffeinating needs. Cozy up in the living-room lounge with mellow lighting, soft chairs, and friendly staff. Her Campus named it a great studying spot, with plenty of outlets, lots of tables, and lots of others studying (Monkey see, monkey do. right?). Lots of people know about this great spot in town, so if you’re looking to get some studying done, come early and stake out your spot.

Best Shop Near Tulane University: PJ’s Coffee

+ Energy Boosts: Small coffee is $1.80; accepts campus cash; speedy Wi-Fi; computers and printers
- Caffeine Headaches: Crowded

PJ’s Coffee is a New Orleans classic that has three locations on Tulane’s uptown campus: Percival Stern Hall, Willow Residence Hall, and Howard Tilton Library. The residence hall locations are open seven days a week, and the library location is open every day except Saturday. The roaster in the French Quarter roasts in small batches with a fluid hot air roaster and brings beans directly to the Tulane locations. The students love that the local coffee joint has a convenient location right on campus, but that they can venture into the city and find other venues, too.

Best Shop Near Vanderbilt University: Iris Café

+ Energy Boosts: Accepts Commodore Card Meal Money Account; study central
- Caffeine Headaches: Closed Saturdays and Sundays

As the website says, though being top of the class is the dream for some, Iris Café easily earned the title of "Summa cum Latte." Whether you’re getting a morning coffee or an afternoon pick-me-up, Iris Café is the perfect spot to meet up with friends or meet with a professor. Conveniently adjacent to the library, Iris Café makes long days at the library a bit more bearable. Though not technically a Vandy-owned dining location, Iris Café (owned by local Provence Breads) in the Peabody Library is Part of the Tastes of Nashville program, meaning you can purchase items with your Commodore Card. Check the webcam on the website to make sure there’s a table available. 

Best Shop Near University of Virginia: Para Coffee

+ Energy Boosts: Outdoor seating; free Wi-Fi; study central
- Caffeine Headaches: Closes early

Para Coffee started in 2008 as a place where the community could gather and share their crafts and interests over delicious coffee. The coffee comes from local legend Shenandoah Joe, where each batch is roasted to its ideal richness and character. One reviewer on Yelp calls this shop "hipsters’ paradise" for its knowledgeable baristas’ care for the craft of coffee. For a tasty cup of coffee and a study-oriented ambiance, stop by Para.

Best Shop Near Wake Forest University: Camino Bakery

+ Energy Boosts: Long hours; study central; great for dates; comfortable seating; free Wi-Fi
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded

Camino Bakery changes from morning to noon to night. In the morning, the warm, fresh pastries and a cup of coffee are the perfect way to help you wake up. Around noon, the sandwiches on freshly baked bread can keep you full enough to get through your day of classes. At night, have a glass of wine from a small vineyard or an artisanal beer. A 10-minute drive from campus, this coffee shop is a perfect retreat from school. If the warm cinnamon rolls aren't incentive enough, maybe the cookies "bigger than your face," as the website aptly calls them, will be. 

Best Shop Near University of Washington: Parnassus

+ Energy Boosts: Accepts Husky Cards; run by students; free Wi-Fi
- Caffeine Headaches: Closes early

Seattle’s oldest coffee shop and the first independent coffee shop at the University of Washington is Parnassus. Nestled in the basement of the Art Building, the coffee shop has been providing students with drinks and treats since the 1950s. It serves exclusively organic, shade-grown, fair trade-certified coffees from Fidalgo Bay Coffee Roasters. Money raised from the coffee shop goes toward art scholarships. So feel free to grab a seat, enjoy artwork, and caffeinate.

Best Shop Near Washington University in St. Louis: Kayak’s

+ Energy Boosts: Price of small coffee is $1.95; open daily 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.; free Wi-Fi; outdoor seating; study central
- Caffeine Headaches: Gets crowded; noisy; parking is a pain

Kayak’s Coffee (one of Kaldi’s Coffeehouses) is always filled with Wash U students studying for tests, chatting over coffee, or catching up on some reading. With plenty of seating and tables, it’s no problem. The atmosphere is perfect for studying, though noise levels are sometimes a bit too much to bear. With its proximity to campus, there’s no excuse to not go here for a caffeine jolt instead of the usual chain suspects.

Best Shop Near University of Wisconsin: Michelangelo’s

+ Energy Boosts: Open daily 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.; free Wi-Fi; plenty of outlets
- Caffeine Headaches: Limited seating

Michelangelo’s has been serving the Capital City crowd of Madison since 1997. It has been a pioneer of the fair trade coffee movement in the Midwest and serves fair trade beans from Equal Exchange and Johnson Brothers Coffee. It has an eclectic ambiance with both students and locals welcome. The spot is perfect for setting up for a good chunk of your day; there are lots of outlets to keep your laptop charged while you recharge on caffeine.

Best Shop Near Yale University: Jojo’s Coffee & Tea

+ Energy Boosts: Upbeat playlist; free Wi-Fi; great service; study central; great for dates
- Caffeine Headaches: Uncomfortable chairs; noisy

Jojo’s is perfect for a warm cup of joe (we had to) on a cold New Haven day. The Yale Daily News describes it as having a "bright atmosphere and affordable menu" well worth the walk from campus. It was named one of the best coffeehouses near Hartford by CBS Connecticut for its freshly roasted and aromatic coffee. If you need a break from coffee, the loose-leaf options are also popular, with offerings of green, white, oolong, and black teas. Feel free to bring a laptop, but carefully scout out the scarce outlets.