The 8 Coolest Vintage Beer Labels Ever Slideshow

We wish these were still around

The 8 Coolest Vintage Beer Labels Ever

New to the world of vintage beer? Or do you consider yourself to be a total expert? It probably doesn’t matter. If the label is from before the 2000s or if the product is no longer available for purchase, it’s probably more unique than what you have lying around the house. We’ve rounded up a list of vintage beer labels that we believe will spice up your collection. 

Golden Gate California Beer Lot Collection, 1950, $29.95

Itching for a California getaway? Not only will this beer label bring you back to the ‘50s, it also provided a scenic view of the Golden Gate Bridge with each sip. This label is one-of-a-kind.

Golden Pheasant Sebewaing Beer, $1.00

Doesn’t “Golden Pheasant” sound elite? We think there should be more beer names out there like this one. This label would be a sleek and glossy addition to your collection.

Guinness Old Irish Stout, $18.72

At last, a vintage beer label that features a beer we can still enjoy! Guinness is an iconic brand — and these classic labels prove that point, demonstrating that Guinness is here to stay.

L. Farrugia & Sons Farsons Stout, 1928, $48.00

Add a historical feel to your vintage beer label collection with this Malta Farsons Stout original. Though this label is from the ‘20s, its Trojan qualities will make you ready to suit up for war. 

H & G Simonds Double Stout Malta, 1920, $48.00

 Double stout? Count us in. This vintage label is rare, making is a true contender for your growing and colorful collection. Cheers!

Marathon City Brewing Co. Holiday Beer, $1.29

‘Tis the season to be jolly, drink beer, and collect cool labels from Marathon City Brewing Co. If you’re looking to add a festive feel to your vintage beer label collection, this holiday label is exactly what you’re looking for.

Marathon City Brewing Co. Sportz Club, $1.49

Marathon City does it again with another festive label. Check out this hip “Sportz Club” beer label that will make you want to hit the slopes.