7 Sexy Wine Facts That Will Make Your Date Fall for You (Slideshow)

Just the aroma of wine is enough to turn your date on



Just the aroma of wine is enough to turn your date on. The scent replicates human pheromones, chemicals that cause intimate responses in humans.

Sexy Glow

A glass of red wine can give your skin a sexy glow. The polyphenols in wine help prevent skin aging over time.


“Body” describes the texture or weight of wine. A “full-bodied” wine is one that is rich and complex, with a flavor that lingers in the mouth.

Marie Antoinette

Legend says that the shape of the Champagne coupe glass was molded after Marie Antoinette’s left breast. Although this is a myth, other historical women, including Madam du Pompadour, Madame du Barry, Napoleon’s wife Empress Josephine Diane de Poitiers, and Helen of Troy, are all believed to have inspired breast-shaped glasses.



Red wine, the color of love, can put women in the mood for sex. Scientists suggest that compounds in the wine may increase blood flow, leading to enhanced levels of sexual desire.

Wine Legs

When swirling a glass of wine, streaks, called legs, run down the side of the glass. The more legs appear, the higher the alcohol content.

Better Sex


Women who drink one to two glasses of wine every day experience more pleasure during sex. A study found that wine may improve sexual performance, according to feedback from female wine drinkers and non-wine drinkers.