6 White Wines that Give You Some Variety

Lesser-known European wines provide alternatives to chardonnay and sauvignon blanc

Explore the flavors of feteasca regala and trebbiano.

Chardonnay and sauvignon blanc are great wines, which is probably why we drink so much of them. Still, it’s fun to try something newin the grape varieties of the wines we drink. Here are six – all from Europe, a couple of them somewhat familiar – that provide us with some options.

M. Chapoutier “Bila Haut” Côtes du Roussillon white 2014, $14

A regional blend from the South of France that includes grenache blanc and macabeo, it has rounded, slightly green fruity flavors with some creaminess, although it could use more zip in the finish.

Château Vartely Moldova feteasca regala sec 2014, $9

From that wine-producing country sandwiched between Romania and the Ukraine, the local grape variety here produces a wine with creamy yet crisp green flavors of fresh white grapes and kiwi fruit.

Frescobaldi “Ammiraglia” Toscano vermentino IGT 2014, $18

 With light flavors of green apples but low acidity in the finish, it is almost like the winemaker is trying to make a bigger vermentino by simply pumping up the volume.

I Stefanini “Il Selese” soave 2014, $14

A very perky wine with tart apple and lime flavors and a dollop of creaminess at the finish.

Masciarelli “Marina Cvetic” trebbiano d’Abruzzo riserva 2011, $43

A little heavy on the palate, it is a traditional style trebbiano with somewhat oxidized flavors of orange and vanilla.

Terras Gauda “Abadia de San Campio” Rias Baixas albarino 2014, $18


Tart apple and lime flavors with a touch of spritz.