6 Ways to Become a Beer Pro Before Oktoberfest (Slideshow)

Follow these 6 easy steps to become the go-to person for all things beer when your friends start making Oktoberfest plans

Take a Tour of a Brewery


There are hundreds of breweries all over America. Some of them are small craft breweries that don’t offer tours, but others are massive factories, like Coors Lab in Golden, Colo., which offers daily tours and free tastings. Take a tour to get to know a little more about the inner-workings of beer.

Ask a Bartender


Hit up your local bar and ask the bartender what kind of beer he or she likes to drink. Most bartenders like to keep things simple, and they might offer up an enjoyable craft brew that is easy to handle if you’re new to beer drinking.

Go Online

There are hundreds of websites dedicated to beer drinking, and blogs are just the start! Check out a few of our older articles that can help get you more immersed in the beer-drinking world. Sites like Beer Advocate give you an entire vocabulary list of beer-related words you should know. Which reminds us…

Expand Your Vocabulary


Who wants to sit down and memorize vocabulary words before a party? No one. But it wouldn’t hurt to look up the definition of hops, lager, ale, and malt. These are staple beer words you’ll not only hear in the names of beers, but you might also hear them in conversation around the bar. Knowing what is what will come in handy when ordering and conversing. 

Know Your Rules

There aren’t many beer drinking rules, but if there's any you need to follow while rubbing elbows with the greatest of beer lovers at Oktoberfest, it's these two: 1. Always be willing to try new beers. 2. Never waste your beer. Give it to a friend, offer it back to the bartender, just don't toss it away. Usually the best rule to follow when drinking beer is to enjoy it.


You may be new to beer drinking, but so was everyone else at one point. Try different things! There’s usually a beer out there for everyone. If you hate the big bold and bitter taste of an IPA, switch to a wheat beer that is great for people who enjoy fresh citrus aromas and flavors. You can never order the "wrong" beer — you only have to find something you enjoy and expand on your knowledge. The possibilities are endless in the beer world!