4 Thanksgiving Cocktails That Go Great with Turkey

Gobble down these cocktails this Thanksgiving

Are you hosting this year’s Thanksgiving festivities? Loosen things up and celebrate the holidays accordingly with these Thanksgiving cocktails that pair well with turkey.

Jive Turkey Cocktail

With a splash of whiskey, a dash of Lillet Blanc, and a hint of maple syrup foam, this recipe will create a concoction that’s sure to keep your guests coming back for more. Whiskey goes well with many things, and turkey is no exception.

Click here for the Jive Turkey Cocktail recipe.

Mulled Wine Cocktail

We’ve already covered which wines to enjoy with turkey and why, so why not try them warmed up? Bare the cold and get cozy with a mulled wine cocktail.

Click here for the Mulled Wine Cocktail recipe.

Pumpkin Martini

Everyone goes crazy for pumpkin in the fall, so why not try it as a martini? Here’s a unique pumpkin recipe for you and your guests to enjoy alongside a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

Click here for the Pumpkin Martini recipe.

Wild Thanksgiving Cocktail

Have a wild Turkey Day with this Thanksgiving cocktail, featuring Wild Turkey 81 whiskey. Sip on this cranberry whiskey cocktail throughout your Thanksgiving meal and mix all of the best components of salty, bitter, and sweet.

Click here for the Wild Thanksgiving cocktail recipe.