3 Drinks to Leave Out for Santa Besides Milk

Santa probably likes beer… right?


After all of these years, Santa might be tired of milk.

Everyone knows milk and cookies make a perfect, delicious pairing that’s always sure to please your taste buds. Every year, Santa brings us so much joy and we attempt to return the favor by presenting him with a heart-warning batch of cookies to enjoy with a refreshing cup of milk. Though we’re sure he appreciates it, don’t you think he’s a little tired of the same ole gift?

Milk and cookies are great, but we’ve got some other suggestions that we think Santa will like just as much, if not more.

An Ice Cold Beer

Look, we know the man is supposed to bring children joy, so some might think a beer is a little innapropriate. But hey, he’s been on his feet all night, and chances are, he’s going to want to take a break. That’s nothing an ice cold brew won’t fix!


As we said before, we know he likes milk, and eggnog is the next best thing. The only difference between eggnog and milk is the added booze and cream… which is sure to take the edge off of his Christmas Day stress. Hopefully, this will make his job seem easier than it really is. For a great recipe, click here.

Homemade Hot Cocoa


Nothing says Christmas like a warm fire and a delicious cup of hot cocoa. Take advantage of the cold weather while you can and whip up some amazing hot chocolate for old Saint Nick. Don’t worry. We have the ultimate recipe right here.