20 Zero-Calorie Drinks Slideshow

Try these 20 zero-calorie drinks to replace sugary sodas and reduce your risk of health problems

Aquafina Flavor Splash


Aquafina has come out with a flavor-packed water that has no sugar, no carbohydrates, and zero calories. We’re convinced they’ve added some magical dust in there because the drink is delicious. It’s a great way to hydrate, and an even better alternative to soft drinks. 

Coke Zero


If you're one of those who can’t stand the taste of Diet Coke, don’t worry, because Coca-Cola came out with the alternative to regular Coke that apparently tastes just like Coke but has zero calories. We couldn't imagine that the beloved formula for Coke could ever be successfully altered, but apparently has Coca-Cola pulled it off. Now there’s no excuse for grabbing that sugary stuff when the zero-calorie alternative is sitting right next to it on the same shelf.

Diet Snapple Green Tea Iced Tea


Snapple is famous for its plethora of creative flavors. What they’re not as well-known for is their diet ice tea, which is also phenomenal. The drink has zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and is a great thirst-quencher on a hot day. It maintains its sweetness from the green tea but doesn’t go overboard on the tea flavor either. We’re totally grabbing one of these bad boys next time we have a soft drink craving.

Fresca Original


Fresca markets itself as an adult soda, but we don’t see why people of all ages wouldn’t love this drink that is zero calories and comes in delicious flavors like peach citrus and black cherry citrus. We’re totally down with this zero-calorie drink that was healthy from the start and didn’t need a calorie makeover to make it functional and healthy!

Hint Water


The idea behind hint is simple: Pure spring water plus a splash of natural flavor. Hint’s website tells us that there’s no sugar, no diet sweeteners, and no preservatives, additives, or anything else that you can’t pronounce in their product. The drink is pretty refreshing and we’re totally on board with their movement since they’re zero-calorie and actually delicious!

Mello Yello Zero


Mello Yello is like vintage Sprite, but it used to have 170 calories. Now, there’s a Mello Yello Zero with no calories and the same taste that people can’t seem to let go of. The citrusy drink is perfect for lovers of Sprite or Fanta and it’s much better for you and your caloric intake!

Monster Ultra Blue


There are so many beverages on the scene these days, but we can’t make a zero-calorie list without including an energy drink. Monster has come up with a zero-calorie beverage that is inspired by the blue mountains of Aspen, Chamonix, Park City, Whistler, and Mammoth, which so many athletes compete on. The drink isn’t necessarily to our taste, but it’s a good alternative to the other sugary energy drinks on the market.

Pibb Zero

Pibb Zero
Photo Courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company

Pibb has its own original flavor that Americans used to know as Mr. Pibb. These days Coca-Cola came up with Pibb Zero so you can enjoy all the same flavors from Mr. Pibb but with no calorie guilt.


Poland Spring Sparkling Water

Poland Spring Sparkling Water/Itemmaster

Poland Spring Sparkling Water is one of the best alternatives to soda. It comes in five flavors in addition to their classic sparkling water and is one of the best (and healthiest) thirst-quenchers around. The drink is made from natural spring water, fruit essence, and bubbles, and it's arguably one of the best alternatives to soft drinks out there!

Propel Zero


Propel Zero offers the added benefit of having vitamins C, E, and B and antioxidants in the water. Propel allows you to replenish, energize, and protect with zero calories and no added color. There are also nine original flavors to choose from — with that much variety, why would you ever need sugary sodas?

Red Bull Zero


Red Bull Zero Calories offers consumers the same benefits as Red Bull Energy Drink, but this redesigned beverage now has zero calories and zero sugar. We work on deadline over here at The Daily Meal, so a good dose of Red Bull Zero might be exactly what we need on this busy workday.

Seagram’s Diet Ginger Ale


Ginger ale is an American favorite, and Seagram’s Diet Ginger Ale comes in an additional five zero-calorie flavors. Ginger ale is a thirst-quencher and now you can enjoy it without worrying about adding to your daily dose of calories.

Sparkling ICE


Sparkling ICE is one of the hottest drinks on the market these days. The thing that’s so fascinating about Sparkling ICE is that it’s delicious, has zero calories, and even comes in a lemonade flavor. How is it possible that they packed all the delicious qualities of a typically sugary drink into a zero-calorie bottle? We won’t give away their secret, but the drink is a fantastic alternative to sugary juices and has carbonation, so you won’t miss that when you toss your soft drinks away.

Sprite Zero


There’s little difference in taste between Sprite and Sprite Zero, so you might as well save yourself the calories. We don’t see the hassle in buying a Sprite Zero if it means less calories and better overall health!

Steaz Zero-Calorie Iced Tea


This is a half-and-half drink that is made with green tea and lemonade. Steaz, a new beverage on the scene, is zero-calorie and we see great things coming from this company because the drink is delicious and it’s functional, too. The green tea is an added bonus because it’s fair trade green tea. 

Glacéau Fruit Water


Fruitwater is Vitaminwater’s answer to Sparkling ICE. The drink is made by Glacéau (the owners of Vitaminwater) and has the carbonation of a soft drink with the fruit-forward flavors of Vitaminwater. We aren’t always the biggest fans of Vitaminwater, but we definitely see the appeal of this zero-calorie drink for the faithful Vitaminwater drinker who’s looking for something low in calories. 

Glacéau Vitaminwater Zero


Speaking of Vitaminwater, they made the list with their non-carbonated drink — Vitaminwater Zero. The stuff is just like regular Vitaminwater except with zero calories. The flavors are creative and offer a great substitute to the sugary drinks we’re so used to consuming. Big props to Glacéau for creating more than one functional alternative!

Diet Coke


Diet Coke is sugar-free and a way to get that soft drink fix many people crave on a regular basis. While some claim that Diet Coke doesn’t give you all that you might miss from a regular Coca-Cola product, we tend to disagree — there are so many different flavors of Diet Coke, even a Splenda-enhanced version for those that are dying for a sugar fix. 

Agua Con

Agua Con is a zero-calorie, no sugar, no preservatives, and no sodium water that hails from Los Angeles. The water brings a new and refreshing twist to the world of beverages and is infused with authentic Latin flavors like guava and horchata.

Honest Tea Unsweet Lemon Tea

Honest Tea has come out with a brand new zero calorie tea that is delicious. The tea is unsweeted, but has lemon flavoring so there's no bland flavoring. There's nothing like swigging down an ice cold lemon flavored tea on a hot day and now you can do it with absolutely no calories.