2 Boozy Drink Subscriptions to Give as Gifts This Season

Here are some monthly subscriptions your loved ones might actually like

Choosing the perfect gift for a friend or family member can be difficult. Year after year, we give our relatives gifts, but what do they end up doing with them? Enjoying them or stashing them away in the attic (or regifting them)? It is the thought that counts, but wouldn’t it be nice to give your loved ones something they’ll actually use for once?

If you've got a wine or spirits enthusiast in your life, here are a couple of ideas for splendid gifts that they'll most likely be delighted with.[realted]


Glassful is the perfect gift for wine-lovers everywhere. With this subscription, you get three bottles of wine a month (for $54 a month). These bottles aren’t selected randomly: they’re chosen based on each recipient's personal taste, determined after they take a quiz on the company website.  

Red more about Glassful here.

Bitters + Bottles

Whether your friends and family are looking to save money, host a party, or become mixologists overnight, Bitters + Bottles will fill the bill. For $85 a month, recipients receive alcohol, garnishes, bitters, mixers, among other accessories needed to cocktail on a budget. It also includes step-by-step instructions on how to create a cocktail that tastes like it came straight from the bar. It’s basically a bar in a box…what more could you need?

Read more about Bitters + Bottles here.

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