11 Rum Cocktails For National Rum Day (Slideshow)

Bomb Pop

The Bomb Pop is a unique and original rum cocktail created by Rockit Bar & Grill. Bacardi Razz and Limón rum are mixed with lemonade, Blue Curaçao, and cherries to make this drink. It's a wonderful beverage for the summer — just imagine yourself relaxing by the pool with this blue drink in hand. 

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Rum Old Fashioned

The Rum Old Fashioned is a rum cocktail concocted by head bartender Deysi Alverez of Mo-chica, chef Ricardo Zarate's Peruvian cantina located in downtown Los Angeles. Orange sugar, zest bitters, and rum are the only three ingredients in the strong fruity beverage.

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Fizzy Fruit Old Fashioned

LearntoCook.com has created a rum cocktail that is fruity and refreshing. The Fizzy Fruit Old Fashioned pairs cherries with rum and ginger ale. This beverage is a great summer cocktail, perfect for lounging at the beach or recovering from a day of tanning.

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Thirty Notes Cocktail

Thirty Notes rum cocktail is a rum sour of sorts, except that the sugar component is a jam made using a local stout, some spices, and citrus peel. It was concocted at The Oakland Art Novelty Company in the Detroit area. Garnish it with a cinnamon stick wrapped in an orange peel.

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The Snowbird Cocktail

The use of jam allows mixologists to create cocktails using flavors that are out of season without resorting to artificial flavoring or heavy syrups. The butterscotch and banana undertones in Bully Boy White Rum mix with the herbal flavors of the cardamom tincture and peach ginger jam blend, creating a combination of tropical fruit flavors and baking spices to warm things up during the cold winter, or keep the heat during the summer. This cocktail was created at Pain D'Avignon, based in Cape Cod, Mass. 

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Smug Harbor Smash

Created at the Island Creek Oyster Bar in Boston, the Smug Harbor Smash is a strong and tasty rum cocktail. Rum, mixed with Demerara syrup, lime wedges, and mint leaves, creates a seasonal cocktail that can be enjoyed by the pool or by a fire. 

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Sweet Road to Georgia Rum Cocktail

The Sweet Road to Georgia is a delicious rum cocktail created by Matthew Biancaniello at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel's Library Bar. The ingredients include peach, basil, and lime. It makes for the perfect drink for warm summer afternoons.

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New Cuban Cocktail

Bar chef Chad Phillips of The Social Club in Miami Beach, Fla., revamped this classic rum cocktail. Get your protein as you sip on your happy hour drink: a mixture of  rum, lime juice, vanilla simple syrup, mint leaves, bitters, and an egg white. Garnish with a mint leaf and you're good to go.

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Voodoo Juice Cocktail

Voodoo Juice is a cocktail from Iggies Beach Bar at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. The recipe uses the local Cruzan rum in several flavors: pineapple, banana, coconut, citrus, and dark. But don't worry, the cocktail isn't all rum! Cranberry and pineapple juice finish off the drink. 

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Trade Wind Cocktail

The recipe for the Trade Wind rum cocktail comes from the Waldorf Astoria New York. House barrel-aged rum is paired with Tuaca Liqueur, and garnished with an orange twist. It is a simple, elegant, and strong cocktail. Serve in an iced rocks glass. 

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Watermelon Rum Soda

Have a bunch of watermelon and mason jars laying around? The Watermelon Rum Soda recipe makes for the perfect afternoon cocktail, as well as a snack! Fill up mason jars with fresh watermelon chunks and pour the mixture of rum, watermelon Schnapps, lemon juice, and club soda over. Drink and eat up.

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