10 Ways To Spice Up Mulled Cider

Put away your daiquiris and say "Move over, margarita" — fall is on the horizon. Now that we've let you in on the best cocktails for a summer barbecue or a day by the pool, it's time to get ready for the best drinks for fall.

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Try not to jump straight to the eggnog — there are plenty of fall drinks that aren't related to Christmas, and the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte has yet to be released! What drink is the perfect happy medium between a fruity daiquiri and a delicious glass of eggnog? The answer is a warm, soothing cup of mulled cider.

A traditional cup of mulled cider — which in America usually means non-alcoholic apple juice as opposed to the hard stuff — is sure to please, but have you ever thought about taking it to the next level? Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to step up your mulled cider.

Whether you throw in some alcohol, milk, butter, or fruit, each added ingredient will provide a unique flavor to your warm cup of heaven.

Check out 10 ways to spice up your mulled cider.

Add Extra Brandy

Adding extra booze to your cider will transform your quiet night by the fire into a party. Not all mulled cider recipes call for alcohol, but if you're looking to give your cider a serious revamp, we suggest brandy.

Click here for a mulled cider recipe with brandy.

Add Fruit Juices

We already suggested adding whole pieces of fruit, but who says you have to stop there? If you're looking to give your cider a tangy twist, include the juice of a clementine or pomegranate.

Click here for a mulled cider recipe with fruit juice.