10 Good Chardonnays at Fair Prices from 4 Countries

It's fashionable to deride this great white grape, but wines like these remind us how versatile it is

Even though it may not be popular to say so, chardonnay remains the best, most versatile white wine grape in the world — and also one of the most widely planted, producing happily on six continents (it is one of the major grapes in the burgeoning Chinese wine industry, for instance). It is certainly capable of making some really ordinary wines — in chardonnay, as in so many things, you get what you pay for — but there are also a number of very nice chardonnays still available for around $20 a bottle or even less.

10 Good Chardonnays at Fair Prices from 4 Countries

The 10 wines reviewed here range from five good, modestly priced white Burgundies from the noted négociant and producer Joseph Drouhin to a couple of excellent Spanish chardonnays from the esteemed Arínzano estate in Navarre — one of them very modestly priced and the other well worth its higher price.

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