10 Drinking Apps You Need Slideshow

To Buy Wine: Wine Spectator Ratings

The recently updated app from Wine Spectator has everything you need to learn about wine in one place: Vintage Charts covering 55 of the world’s principal wine regions and grape varieties; customized searches by price, score, and producer; videos; and social media capabilities to share your favorite picks. Plus, you have all the advice and picks from Wine Spectator experts at your fingertips. 

free, available for iOS

For Cocktails at Home: Food & Wine Cocktails

On top of really, really pretty pictures to make you wish your mixology skills were taking place in a beautiful home, the Food & Wine Cocktails app has 350 detailed recipes from the country's top mixologists, mixology tips, and even bar food pairings.

free, iOS

To Build a Wine Journal: Delectable Wine

It's never been easier to store notes on your phone about the wines you like. With Delectable Wine, you can snap pictures, take notes, and check out other users' notes to see what they're drinking. Imagine you're at one giant wine bar where everyone's sharing their favorites, and you've got Delectable Wine.

free, iOS

For Easy Food and Wine Pairings: Winestein

Nothing is more intimidating than being put on the spot to order a wine to go with your meal. Winestein calls itself "the digital sommelier"; enter in what you're eating and Winestein will come up with the best wine for your dish. You'll never be embarrassed at the restaurant again.

To Find the Best Beer: BeerCloud

An encyclopedic source of beer, according to brewers everywhere, BeerCloud, made by the Great Brewers Association, has it all to help you discover and find the right beer for you. The app has more than 4,000 beers in its database, along with detailed descriptions of them with brewery pages; then, you can find the beers with the GPS tracker.

To Make the Best Use of Your Liquor Cabinet: Liquor Cabinet

This is the perfect app if you're unsure what cocktails to make with what you have: thanks to Liquor Cabinet, you can input what spirits and mixers you have on hand, and the app will come back with your cocktail answer.

$.99, iOS

For the On-the-Go Coffee Break: Coffee Run

Hey, we couldn't leave out the coffee apps — and this one is genius. You know there's always a moment where you can't keep track of your coworkers' coffee orders, but Coffee Run compiles them into a neat checklist. (So there's really no excuse for getting a drink order wrong anymore.) We all need apps that make life this convenient.

free, iOS

For Social Beer Lovers: Untappd

This is the Yelp for beer lovers. Untappd makes it easy to check in (like with Foursquare or Facebook) with your favorite beers, and see what people are drinking around you. Plus, the app gives personalized beer suggestions based on your preferences.

free, iOS and Android

For the Coffee Shop Snob: Coffee Guru

Want to avoid the Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts? Coffee Guru pinpoints all the independent coffee shops around you, and where to find them. Genius. There's more than 6,200 coffee shops in the database, with filters for reviews, fair trade and direct trade beans, and roasters.

$1.99, iOS

For Finding the Perfect Cocktail: Elixr

Want to find where to get your next drink? Elixr lets users post cocktails to the app so you can find the best and prettiest drinks in your neighborhood. You can even see where your friends are drinking (and what drinks they're having).

free, iOS