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10 Crazy Facts About “The Most Interesting Man in the World

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He lives in the mountains.

When you're not traveling the world wooing fans, where do you reside? We heard a rumor that you lived on the water.

“I did live on a sailboat for four years in Los Angeles [in Marina del Rey, California],” says Goldsmith, perhaps explaining why the actor appears so comfortable on the water in the Dos Equis campaign. “I now reside in southern Vermont, in the beautiful Green Mountains.”


He saved a man’s life (and a woman’s).

Saving lives is something that seems to come naturally to you. Tell us one of your infamous life-sparing anecdotes.

“I once rescued a man on Mount Whitney in the Sierras who was lost in a blizzard,” recounts Goldsmith. Mount Whitney, in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range, just happens to be the highest summit in the lower 48 states — it’s a towering peak of some 14,505 feet. “I found him just in time to save his life.” 

Goldsmith also reputedly saved a young girl from drowning in Malibu, California. (Who knows how many countless other souls he’s spared

Dos Equis

He loves animals and children (and helps rid the world of land mines).

What’s a personal project or cause that you’re passionate about? It’s rumored you’re working to save Siberian tigers and eradicate land mines.

“I am very passionate about MAG [Mines Advisory Group], which eradicates landmines worldwide, [and] I was an early member of Free Arts for Abused Children in Los Angeles for over 40 years,” says Goldsmith. “I also work with animal charities, the most notable being the Morris Animal Foundation which has invested more than $70 million in research and studies. Many of the vaccines we give to our beloved cats and dogs were developed through the foundation.” 


He’s got serious acting chops.

You were born in New York City and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. Tell us some interesting roles you played in your early days.

“I starred in the film Green Eyes opposite Paul Winfield, which won the Humanitas Prize [in 1977],” says Goldsmith, a film in which a Vietnam veteran returns to Southeast Asia to search for the son he left behind. “Also the role of Sergeant Oleonowski in Go Tell The Spartans where I starred alongside Burt Lancaster.” What Goldsmith neglected to mention: John Wayne killed him with a gun shot between the eyes in 1976’s The Shootist.


He once professionally stuffed prunes with peanut butter. (Seriously.)

What’s the most random or surprising odd job you’ve ever worked?

“I lasted two days as a salad man after stuffing 2,000 prunes with peanut butter, and I drove a garbage tuck in California,” notes Goldsmith. “[It was] not a very glamorous beginning to my career in Hollywood.”

Dos Equis

He’s a lover, not a fighter. But he’s still a fighter, so don’t try him.

In many of your onscreen roles, you are either killing people or being killed. Have you ever taken a life in reality, or come close? How many bar fights or perhaps duels have you been engaged in?

“I’ve talked my way out of most dangerous situations,” says Goldsmith. “I once backed off a giant of a bully who was a menace. I challenged him and he backed down, fortunately for me!”


He married his agent.

Who plays the starring role in your life? Do you have a significant other?

“That would be my beautiful wife, Barbara,” says Goldsmith. She’s also his agent, which is reputedly how the duo met, and responsible for Goldsmith scoring an audition with Dos Equis.


He appreciates nature.

We hear you’re an avid outdoorsman. Tell us your all-time favorite leisure pursuit in the great outdoors. 

“I love fly fishing in the backcountry, which is something that reminds me of my father,” says Goldsmith. “I still have my father’s fly rod. I also enjoy sitting in my old row boat while watching the changing weather fronts in the beautiful Vermont skies. The turning of the leaves here is the most breathtaking time of the year.”


He’s a deep thinker.

You once worked for Sprint. What do you make of our constantly connected culture? Does it make life more or less interesting?

“Privacy is a thing of the past unfortunately,” says Goldsmith. “Social media has run rampant with information online that is both true and not true. I see it at times affecting the justice system which is a shame. Computers give answers to all, but not necessarily understanding.  Kids no longer read and they miss out on the beauty of language and poetry.” 


He doesn’t always drink Dos Equis.

When you're not drinking beer, what other alcoholic beverages do you enjoy?

“When not drinking Dos Equis, I enjoy a gin martini, Laphroaig Scotch [whisky], mezcal, or a good rum,” says Goldsmith. And we bet that’s just before breakfast.

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