10 Can’t-Miss Sangria Recipes Slideshow


Ultimate Sangria Recipe

This recipe is modified from a giant batch recipe shared  by Stephen Seibert, the mixologist who created cocktail recipes for Jose Garces' flagship restaurant Amada. The principles are simple — take dry wine, add brandy for proof and heat, triple sec and lemon juice for acid, and simple syrup for sweetness. A lower-quality sweet wine will take less syrup and more acid, so taste and adjust accordingly. Since sangria is typically made for a crowd and poured out by the pitcher, this recipe is based on a 1.5-liter magnum-size bottle of vino. Double it to make a 3-liter boxed-wine batch. You can use any fruit you like, or leave it out entirely. Make sangria a few hours ahead of time and keep it chilled until serving. Pour over ice cubes and top with club soda to lighten it up. Or not. Either way.

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White Wine Sangria (for a Crowd) Recipe

Inspired by more high-end rosé wine sangria, this simple version of white wine sangria was created with help from the freezer section of the grocery store. You can find delicious light and crisp wines like sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio for about three bucks a bottle, which helps keep the cost down. Lightly sweet, with a fruity citrus fizz, this cocktail is a huge hit with wedding guests.

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Apple Sangria Recipe

Jane Bruce

This sangria recipe is perfect for fall entertaining, and happens to have been created right in The Daily Meal test kitchen. The recipe is interesting because it uses spices like nutmeg and cinnamon to bring out some exceptionally autumnal flavors.

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End-of-Summer Sangria Recipe

This recipe is recommended for the end of the summer, but with flavors like strawberries, blueberries, and triple sec, we think it would be great so share it year-round. This recipe comes from caterer to the stars Andrea Correale.

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Champagne Sangria Recipe

Many sangrias have some fizz to them thanks to lemon-lime sodas that are added for extra sweetness, but sometimes the fizz and the sweetness can come from the wine itself — in this case champagne is used to create the bubbles. To spice up your sangria recipes for winter, add one very festive ingredient — champagne — with brandy, chablis, and fruit. The recipe is courtesy of Havana Central in New York City.

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Basic Sangria Recipe

Everyone needs a sangria recipe that is a go-to for special events. Sangria comes in many variations, but the base ingredients are the same. This recipe is great because of the simplicity of its ingredients that can appeal to a broad range of drinkers.

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Rosé Wine Sangria Recipe

Our trick for making the perfect sangria? Read your bottle of rosé to see what fruit aromas are present in the wine, then add the same fresh fruits to your sangria mixture. Our rosé had flavors of raspberry and tangerine so we made sure to add them both. Use frozen berries as ice cubes to keep your glass cold.

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White Peach Sangria Recipe


When in doubt for your weekday dinners and drinks, go big or go home, and we think a light white peach sangria will hit just the right spots for a light meal. This white peach sangria, made at Al Lado wine bar in Denver, goes great with Latin dishes such as tapas or cazuelas. Chef Richard Sandoval makes a "Pan Con Tomate Y Jamon" tapas dish at Al Lado perfect for white sangria; the manchego cheese, added to the grilled bread, brings out the flavor of the sangria.

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Sake Sangria Recipe

Forget Saketinis, there’s another fruit and sake combination you should consider mixing for your next dinner party: Sake Sangria. Easy to prepare, the key to this recipe is the game-changing Crop Organic Cucumber Flavored Vodka. Serve the drink on its own, or better yet, offer it in tandem with the No-Soak Red Wine Sangria.

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Red Spring Sangria Recipe

When you can’t pull yourself away from your cocktail, this recipe is a festive cocktail that is easy to make (and even better to drink).

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