The 10 Best Fall and Winter Beers for 2016

These beers will help you get through a long, cold winter

Stone's Xocovega was inspired by Mexican hot chocolate and coffee.

As Ned Stark once said, “Winter is coming.”

Snow, bitter cold, slush puddles, and darkness at 4:30 p.m. are all right around the corner, and it won’t let up until next April. But, hey, at least there’s beer!

The 10 Best Fall and Winter Beers for 2016 (Slideshow)

The colder weather also means that it’s time for America’s best craft breweries to release their fall and winter seasonals, and this year’s selection is pretty astounding. We found 10 seasonal beers that are definitely worth seeking out this winter and can help hold you over until springtime comes along again.

In order to track down these beers, we started by consulting beer enthusiasts and bartenders and asking them what they’ve been enjoying most this season; we then backed up our research by digging into reviews on sites such as RateBeer and BeerAdvocate. Not only are these some of the most buzzed-about beers in America right now, they’re also unique and delicious, must-trys for any beer connoisseur.


Some of these beers are brand-new releases this year, some are beloved annual seasonals. Some are available nationally, some only locally. But even though they might need some seeking out, when the day is cold and cloudy, and snow is in the forecast, these tasty beers will be there to keep you warm.