Drink Your Way Through an Urban Wine Tour in Argentina

As their wines gain popularity, Argentinians bank on new venues for tastings

It's no secret that Argentinian wines, like the malbec, are entrancing the world — and popularizing a great vacation spot. But instead of hitting up the wine country of Mendoza, why not stay in the urban center of the country, Buenos Aires?

The BBC makes note of a different kind of wine tasting, happening tomorrow and every third Friday of the month, the Wine Tour Urbano. Set in the Monserrat district of Buenos Aires, the wine route is an "circuit of unconventional spaces" — churches, museums, hotels, clothing stores, and bookstores. Start at the historic "Block of Lights," filled with 17th-century Jesuit Barroque churches and colleges, and make your way through the neighborhood while sipping on pinot noirs and malbecs.

The best part? You're free to wander as you like; the host gives you a map of tasting spots plus an Italian crystal wine glass, and you're off to explore the neighborhood on your own. The cost is 130 Argentine pesos, or about $30. (You'll have more than enough left over to bring a few bottles back home with you.)