Drink Coffee: Lose Weight

5 ways our favorite hot beverage can help us take off the pounds — as long as we drink it black

Photo Modified: Flickr / Matthew Ham / CC BY 4.0

The reason we sometimes miss out on the benefits of coffee? Because we add unnecessary things to it.

You’ve heard about drinking tea for weight loss, but have you considered the true slim-down potential of your daily cup of coffee? Numerous studies have shown the many ways in which naturally occurring compounds in coffee can stimulate weight loss —, but most of us don’t take full advantage of those health benefits, even though most of us enjoy at least a cup or two of coffee daily.

Drink Coffee: Lose Weight

The reason we sometimes miss out on the benefits of coffee? Because we add unnecessary things to it. No matter what you put in your coffee — milk (real or soy), cream, sugar, sugar substitutes, coffee shop syrups — adding any of these, no matter how “healthy” they may claim to be, robs your coffee of its weight-loss superpowers.

The power-packed perks come out to play when you drink your coffee black — no milk, no sugar, no nonsense. Why? For one thing, most of the usual coffee add-ins are, or contain, sugar, which increases insulin levels. Although these additions may make coffee more palatable, learning to love your coffee black could be very good news for your waistline.

To reap all of coffee’s dietary benefits, invest in high-quality beans and sip your brew black. And drink coffee in moderation (that’s just two cups — or 16 ounces — a day), on an empty stomach. Follow up those two cups with a lot of water to maximize hydration and flushing of fat cells. Here are the rewards you stand to get if you follow this prescription. 

Suppress Your Appetite


 According to a study from Griffith University’s Centre for Health Practice Innovation, drinking coffee acts as an appetite suppressant, meaning that you'll probably ingest fewer calories when you're sipping it.

Burn More Calories



 Caffeine has been to shown to stimulate thermogenesis, which is the way your body turns food into heat and energy. By drinking a cup of coffee or espresso, you could be increasing the amount of calories and fat you burn all day.