Drew Barrymore Enters the Wine Business

Drew Barrymore Enters the Wine Business

Drew Barrymore is adding another slash to her résumé. The actress, producer, director, and now vintner is the latest celebrity to try her hand at the wine business.

"Wine is all about the journey, the discovery of new places and new varieties," said Barrymore, whose first offering will be a pinot grigio from Italy.

Clearly the world is desperately in need of another pinot grigio from Italy, and Barrymore has risen to the challenge with a wine that is described as "fresh, dynamic, and fun." In more concrete terms, it’s a pale, straw-colored wine with apricot and citrus flavors.

Barrymore’s eponymous pinot grigio does have a cool-looking label, though. Designed by street artist Shepard Fairey, who was responsible for the often-imitated Obama Hope poster from 2008, the label features Barrymore’s family crest, which will be easy to find on a shelf because it’s pretty much just a large "B."

According to Haute Living, Barrymore Pinot Grigio will launch in California this year and sell for $19.99.