Dr. BBQ’s Classic Gameday Menu

An easy, make-ahead array of snacks and a hearty chili, perfect for gathering friends for Sunday afternoon football.

Nutella bars

When inviting friend over to watch the game, it’s important to have an array of delicious snacks and drinks on hand, to ensure everyone is well-fed and hydrated while they cheer on their favorite team.


When I host a gathering, I always have some snacks available for guests when they arrive, along with a fun Bloody Mary Bar. For your main, choose something you can make in advance and keep warm, like my High Octane Sloppy Joes, so you can enjoy the game before you roll the meal out at halftime. And for something sweet, Doenee’s Nutella Bars are an easy, delicious sweet treat that can be enjoyed at any time, as long as you make enough of them.



Bloody Mary Bar

Set up a table with all the classic ingredients and a few surprises. Flavored vodkas, hot sauces, fresh ground horseradish, shrimp for garnish and crispy bacon for stirring in are some fun ideas. The more ingredients, the better.

Check out our blogpost on how to set up your own Bloody Mary Bar.




Dr. BBQ’s Roasted Garlic Guacamole

Roasting the garlic and jalapeno mellows their flavors and adds a smoky sweetness to the creamy avocado.



Everyone’s game day favorite. Kick it up a notch with a homemade green tomato or mango-peach salsa.


Tortilla Chips

Homemade tortilla chips are so easy – and so much better than store-bought.




High Octane Sloppy Joes

A fresh and spicy version of the comfort food classic. Have these in a crockpot warming for the halftime feast.



Side Dishes:

Tater Tots or Fried Potatoes

Always a favorite, little, crispy potato morsels are perfect to serve aside the chili -- or even as a topping!


Cole Slaw

A classic picnic dish, perfect for a crowd, that goes well with spicy chili.




Doenee’s Nutella Bars

These bars are the brainchild of my sister Denise, aka Doenee. They’re simple and familiar, with a grown up hazelnut taste from the Nutella.