Donut Recipes to Make at Home

Who says you need to wait in line at Doughnut Vault? Try these homemade donuts instead

Sometimes I can’t help myself, I love to make donuts on the weekends. It may not be the healthiest habit but I’ll worry about that after the baby comes, when I am on a strict diet of water and air. Until then I am indulging.

5 Donut Recipes to Make at Home

One of my favorite things about colder weather is the reappearance of warm flavors that are perfect for donuts. Maple, cinnamon, pumpkin, apple cider — they are all delicious when stirred into donut batter, fried or baked and dusted with sugar.

Here are several fantastic donut recipes for the upcoming cold nights that are perfect for making at home. Forget about trendy spots like Doughnut Plant or Doughnut Vault; these treats can be made at home and enjoyed at your own leisure, without having to step foot outside. Go ahead — indulge! What else are you going to do when it snows?


— The Naptime Chef, Babble