Don’t Miss: Stock's Bakery in Philadelphia

Stock's Bakery sets a high pound cake bar

Philadelphia has a lot to offer, but don't miss Stock's Bakery.

One of the most charming parts about Philadelphia is that it’s home to a variety of well-known, albeit smaller, shops and restaurants that have become city staples among locals and frequent visitors. Stock’s Bakery on East Lehigh Avenue in Kensington is one of the best.

The bakery is unassuming from the outside, often easily missed by passersby, but those in the know are highly aware of their fantastic freshly baked goods. Word-of-mouth recommendations seem to be the primary way Stock's has become so well-known, and it has certainly been a strong factor in the bakery’s success.

Stock’s menu includes standard offerings like pies, cookies, and cakes, but what the establishment is most famous for are their pound cakes. Vanilla, chocolate, or marble loaves are either made plain or topped with a vanilla or chocolate layer of icing, adding the perfect amount of sweetness to a rich and dense cake. Lightly toasting the plain varieties is also recommended, which adds a slight crunch before biting into a moist center.

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Although Stock’s is set apart from the hubbub of Center City, it has undoubtedly become a must-visit destination, if only for their incomparable pound cakes. If you ever find yourself in the Philadelphia area, this unique sweet spot should not be missed!