Cameras Bust Delivery Guy Sneaking Bites of Customer’s Pizza

A Domino’s delivery driver was caught on video eating the toppings off a customer’s pizza

A Domino's delivery driver was caught on camera eating toppings off the pizza he was delivering.

Whenever we order food, we put our faith in all the people handling it. We trust the chefs, cooks, and servers to make and deliver the meal without doing anything untoward to it, and most of the time, that faith is rewarded. Recently, however, one Domino’s delivery driver shocked his customers, employers, and the viewers of the local news, when he was caught on camera eating the toppings off a customer’s pizza that he was about to deliver.

According to CTV News, the driver was delivering a pizza to a customer in a high-rise building in Canada, and the moment the elevator doors began to close, he slipped the pizza right out of the bag, opened the box, and started grabbing and eating toppings from all over the top of it. It wasn’t a long elevator ride, either. The driver ate the toppings quickly, and put the pizza back as the doors were opening again.

The driver probably would have gotten away with it, but the building’s elevators had video cameras, and the building’s doorman saw the whole thing.

“I was like, ‘What the heck is going on?’” the doorman said to CTV News. The doorman said he immediately notified the customer, because he figured nobody would want to eat a “used pizza.”

Domino’s Canada said it was embarrassed by the incident, and that it does not condone drivers eating off of customers’ pizzas. The company said the driver has since been fired, and that it employs thousands of hardworking drivers who provide great service for their customers. The actions of one driver should not reflect on all the good delivery drivers in the world, and in America’s 9 best cities for pizza.