Does the 'Starbucks Diet' Work?

One woman claimed to lose almost 80 pounds by only eating and drinking Starbucks products

Usually, Starbucks and other coffee chains are subject to dieter ridicule, thanks to the sugar and fat content of the Frappuccinos, iced coffee drinks, and more. But now, one woman has come forward saying Starbucks helped her lose weight. 

Christine Hall, 66, told the TODAY Show that she credits her weight loss to eating (and drinking) only Starbucks products, like its oatmeal, "bistro boxes," and paninis. She said she started eating at Starbucks two years ago because it was convenient, plus it included calorie counts on its foods. On this unusual diet, she went from 190 pounds to 112 pounds in the span of two years. 

Hall said to TODAY that though it may seem surprising, she was still eating balanced meals that were approved by her doctor. "It’s not like I’m having a bagel every day... I’m mixing it up and making sure I get protein, fruits, and vegetables.” Plus, she only drank black coffee from Starbucks — none of those Frappuccinos and Pumpkin Spice Lattes for her. 

Could this work for everyday people? If you have the budget for it — the Huffington Post added up the meals and found that she spent about $16 per day to keep up her Starbucks diet.