Does the Roomba Stand a Chance Against the Robotic Dyson 360 Eye?


If we were to say a Dyson sucked, it wouldn’t be an insult, it would be a compliment. Known for revolutionizing vacuuming technology, Dyson has done it again with the design of a reliable and pretty powerful vacuum that’ll suck all on its own, making your life a little easier and a little less...well, sucky. Similar to a Roomba, but backed with the power of Dyson, the not-even-available-yet Dyson 360 Eye will do more than push around dirt and entertain the cat.

The company’s engineers specially developed a small, lightweight Dyson Digital Motor V2 which spins at a powerful 78,000rpm. According to the company, the motor’s eight cyclones generate more than enough centrifugal force to capture particles as small as 0.5 microns. Its powerful suction and two sets of bristles—stiff for carpents and soft for hard floors—mean the vacuum can suck up even the tiniest particles (including pollen or mold) from all types of flooring.

Don’t expect the Dyson to bumble about the room though, because it’s loaded with technology that helps it clean smarter. A panoramic lens takes 30 images a second, which combines mathematics, probability theory, geometry, and trigonometry to give the robot a precise idea of its location in the room. Plus, "like an all-terrain vehicle, continuous tank tracks enable the Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum to maintain speed and direction across all floor types, and over small obstacles [like socks]."

Because this is 2014 and we have super smart robot vacuums now, of course there’s an app for the vac as well, allowing you to control and schedule how and when the 360 Eye cleans your house. You can also access troubleshooting guides and software updates, as well as view maps of its cleaning progress (because we can all use another excuse to stare mindlessly at our phones).

The price and release date of the Dyson 360 Eye haven't been officially released—although US Today is guessing it to cost around $1,000 and be available early next year—but you can sign up for updates on the brand’s website so you can be one of the very first to have your own.