Does Refrigerating Your Bread Make It Last Longer?

The short answer? No
White bread

Photo Modified: Flickr/ snowpea&bokchoi/ CC4.0

Bread should never go in the fridge.

When you come home from the supermarket with a fresh loaf of bread, there’s always the question of whether or not you should put it in the refrigerator. While it may seem like a complicated issue (does it depend on the kind of bread?), in fact, the answer is simple: No. Bread should never be refrigerated.

As soon as you put bread in the refrigerator, it begins to dry out and go stale, a process that actually happens faster because it’s in the fridge. Bread can be left out on the counter (or in a breadbox, which isn’t in the fridge for a reason) for up to four or five days after purchase, and if you’re concerned about it going moldy, just make sure that the plastic bag it’s in is open a little for ventilation. After those five days we suggest you freeze it and defrost as needed.

Fresh breads like baguettes will really only last for one day, either inside or outside of the fridge. Eat it quickly, and toss the leftovers or turn them into croutons.

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