Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken: Serving Simple Joy

Serving Simple Joy

Fried chicken has been in the plan all along for Do-Rite.

Fried chicken and doughnuts are arguably the king and queen of delectable fried foods. Who, then, can complain when these two are brought together under one roof?

That is what Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken have done at their newly open location in Streeterville. Catering to a lunch crowd from the surrounding hospital, schools, and office buildings, the fried chicken aspect differentiates it from the first, very successful Do-Rite Donuts location in the Loop.

When asked why he added fried chicken to the menu, chef Jeff Mahin said it was something he and his partner Francis Brennan had wanted from the beginning, but their initial space had not been large enough to support the process. However, this expansion has finally allowed them to explore this classic food.

For Mahin, nostalgia plays a big role in his culinary style, and fried chicken is a familiar and beloved meal for many. His own memories of the dish are humble, recalling the chicken sandwich from Burger King as his favorite order. The simplicity of the sandwich — it’s just chicken, lettuce, mayo, and relish — stuck with him. He sought to emulate that easy, simple enjoyment with his own recipe.

Chicago has been host to a fried chicken boom of late, but chef Mahin isn’t worried about too much competition. The care that he and his staff take with their product speaks for itself. Farm-raised and fried-to-order, they focus on delivering the best quality chicken they can, just as with their doughnuts. The more great makers of chicken or doughnuts there are, he says, the more Chicago is known for it, and that is good for everyone.

To do Do-Rite right, you’ll need sample both the sweet and savory side of the menu, and ideally do so together. Go wild with off-menu options: a doughnut-egg sandwich for breakfast or a doughnut-fried chicken sandwich at lunch. With the same amazing selection of donuts as their first store, you’re sure to hit on a combination that calls up that bit of simple joy.

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