DIY Home Decor: Personalized Coasters

Make these nifty table accessories yourself
DIY Home Decor

This simple and fun project will add a touch of style to your dinner party.

Have you heard the saying “the devil is in the details?” This is surprisingly applicable to home decor. While definitely not as dramatic as the saying implies, looking over potentially defining details in home decor ideas could cause your perfect Pinterest home decor to look slightly off-kilter. Small and subtly DIY home decor projects can help you achieve that desired custom look. Just because you can’t construct a huge DIY decor project, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some funky custom flair to your home.

Making something as simple as DIY coasters can truly change the look of your table. You can outfit them with any array of personal styles, from names to numbers to simple shapes. The best part is you only need a few materials to achieve a flawless look! Here is how you can get started:

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Take your wooden coasters and with your pencil and stencil, etch out your simple design. Fill in with your black Sharpie carefully. Allow the Sharpie ink to dry. Then, dip the paintbrush into the wooden stain and paint the entire coaster so it seals and stains your coaster the desired hue. Allow to dry and enjoy your table’s fabulous new look!