Disney Starbucks Mugs Are For Sale Online, And We Love Them A Latte

The colorful coffee mugs feature a different bright image for each theme park

There are people who collect Disney memorabilia, and those who collect Starbucks mugs. But there’s one memorable spot where those two collector fandoms meet. Starbucks sells souvenir You Are Here mugs for many cities and countries, and now the colorful mugs for Disney theme parks are for sale online.

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This is big news for collectors, because now you don’t even need to get off your couch to purchase a park-themed mug. And sure, we’d all like a theme-park vacation, but not only are they pricey, but the fragile mugs sometimes don’t survive the flight home packed inside a suitcase.

Disney mug


There’s an Adventureland-themed mug for Disneyland, and a ride-filled Paradise Pier design for Disney California Adventure. The Magic Kingdom has a Tomorrowland-themed mug with striking purple and green accents. Disney’s Animal Kingdom mug honors the Asia section of that park and features a friendly looking big cat. Epcot’s mug is inspired by the World Showcase and Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ mug features the adorable three-eyed alien from Toy Story.

Epcot mug


And if you don’t drink coffee, or even cocoa, four of the mugs also come in smaller versions to be hung on your Christmas tree or otherwise displayed as ornaments. Especially breathtaking is the Disneyland mug, done up in shades of purple and blue and featuring the dazzling Fantasyland attractions.



All the 14-ounce mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, and you don’t have to go to the theme parks to get them. The ceramic mugs sell for $16.99 apiece at Disney’s online store, while the ornaments are priced at $12.99. When it comes to Disney products these small but lovely items are pretty affordable, perhaps tiding you over until you next visit when you may need these 35 tips to save money at Walt Disney World