Dinos and Natural History Wonders Will Delight Visitors

Staff Writer
The cleverly designed displays at the Natural History Museum will delight children and adults alike
Michelle Sandstrom

The extensive display of fossils at the Natural History Museum will interest visitors of all ages.

Salt Lake City may be known best for hosting the Olympics or the great skiing but, there is so much more in the city to do, like the Natural History Museum of Utah. Certainly any natural history buff or family traveling with children should make the museum one of their first stops, during their Salt Lake City visit. Shawn Stinson of Visit Salt Lake points out that the museum, “tells the worlds history using Utah artifacts.”

Though the museum is compact, the clever layout makes excellent use of space, cramming a whole lot of learning into a small area. The best way to see the museum is to take the elevator to the top floor and then walk down a sloping path that meanders its way through all of the exhibits. Each floor is filled with displays on topics including American Indian life and history, biology, geology, plate- tech-tonics, and everyone’s favorite: the dinosaurs.

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The well designed, interactive exhibits that require climbing, building, and more, will wow grown-ups and children alike. Be sure to take a few minutes to watch paleontologists chiseling out new fossil finds from rocks, right in front of you. The museum also has a rotating special exhibit, currently all about the natural and cultural history of chocolate, which runs until June1st.