A Dinner Menu to Celebrate Spring

Celebrate the bounty of the season with recipes from Chez Panisse’s David Tanis

Fava bean salad

When you begin to spot tender green lettuces, pencil-straight asparagus, and baby herbs of all kinds again in the market, you know spring has sprung. To celebrate the return of these and a variety of other fruits and vegetables, we’ve put together a delicious and easy menu to try at home.

Making plans with friends for dinner out this Saturday? Change those plans and instead invite them over for a casual, home-cooked meal (send your kids to one of their houses for the night with a babysitter). Have family in town? Sit down for a proper Sunday dinner together (earlier, if necessary) before weekend guests or children living away from home have to be on their way, bellies full.


The Menu

Simple Red and Green Salad

Start off the meal with chunks of crisp butter lettuce and radicchio tossed in a mustard herb dressing.


Shoulder of Spring Lamb

Served atop a bed of tender flageolet beans and a flavorful olive relish, this roast baby lamb dish is perfect to serve all spring long.


Fava Bean Salad with Mountain Ham and Mint

Sweet and tender spring favas are delicious enough on their own, but with a garnish of salty cured meat and refreshing mint, we’re in fava bean heaven.


Cherry-Almond Clafoutis


This eggy baked custard is so easy to make, and is a guaranteed winner with your guests.