Dinner and a Movie at minibar with Chef José Andrés

Get an exclusive look at the innovative dishes being created at minibar, José Andrés' restaurant and culinary chemistry lab
Exclusive Preview: minibar by José Andrés: A Day in the Life

José Andrés previews his movie about Washington D.C.'s minibar, right here on The Daily Meal.

Chef José Andrés makes a special cameo in his short film about minibar

In a new twenty-minute short film shared with The Daily Meal’s editorial director Colman Andrews at this year’s Madrid Fusion, modernist Chef José Andrés shows off some of the work that goes into combining science and art into an incredible food experience at his iconic Washington D.C. restaurant minibar. The film, of which The Daily Meal has an exclusive preview, was designed to give “a peek inside minibar by José Andrés, one of the world's most innovative dining experiences.” In 2012, Andrés was named The Daily Meal's American Chef of the Year.

It starts with Kim, a young woman luxuriating in a bubble bath getting ready for a dinner with a young man, the restaurant’s name written in the steam on the mirror. The pair meet up at the restaurant where they’re served drinks and amuse-bouches before being seated at the 12-seat counter where they’re quickly served dish after dish, meticulously prepared by minibar’s team of 22 capable staff members.

Inviting shots of dishes like spherified mojitos that look like delicate little jelly grapes, dumplings with cotton candy “dough,” and “sea urchin roe mixed with dashi, kombu, tapioca, and soy sauce, blended, frozen, then shaved into petals,” give viewers a look at what is probably one of the best dates you could have, no matter how boring your dinner guest. Who needs conversation anyway, when you’ve just learned how to blow smoke from your nose by eating a tiny rice cake? Though we watch as guests giddily enjoy each plate, there is very little conversation throughout the meal, just music (a soundtrack from City of the Sun and other artists) to enrich the evening.

Other concoctions filmed up close and personal include the foie gras bomb, Parmesan fusili with pesto, and a series of post-dinner drinks at the aptly named barmini. The night ends with dancing, and a cameo from Chef Andrés as the couple's taxi driver. 

minibar by José Andrés: A Day in the Life was directed by Nate Mook and Alicia Sully of the production team What Took You So Long. Chef Andrés appears with other members of the barmini team: Ruben Garcia, head of research and development as Hand Model and Pesto Junkie, Rick Billings as Sweet Chef, Johnny Spero as Talking Chef, David Lorente as The Wizard, and Bevan Bunch and Daniel Taylor as minibar's bosses. 


See some of the creations from the mastermind of minibar, in this exclusive preview of minibar by José Andrés: A Day in the Life.