Dining in Prague on a Budget

Pork knuckle, goulash and dumplings might not seem particularly appetizing, but if you want to save money these are the dishes you need to be choosing.

Beer is cheap in the Czech Republic — cheaper than water in most places — so you’d think everything else would be budget-friendly, too. In Prague, that’s not quite the case. The main streets cater for hungry tourists, with food and drink often costing double what it does elsewhere. Here’s how to save money without compromising the quality of your experience:

Stray from the beaten path

For an authentic atmosphere and better prices, take a wander down one of the side streets. It’s easy to get lost in Prague, but it’s a beautiful city to be lost in, and you’ll find your way back eventually. The further you get from the souvenir shops selling crystals and t-shirts, the less you’ll pay for your food. If you’re lucky, the staff will still speak a little English, just probably not as fluently as those in the more prominent restaurants.

Use an app

It’s fun to wander into whatever restaurant that takes your fancy, but it’s also risky business if you’re trying to save money. TripAdvisor’s City Guides app is free, works offline, and can help you find restaurants by price, cuisine and location. It’ll also show you how to get there, which is a huge bonus if you’re prone to getting lost. The app can even help you find your way back to your accommodation after a night on the town.

Go Czech

Pork knuckle, goulash and dumplings might not seem particularly appetising, but if you want to save money, these are the dishes you need to be choosing. An Italian restaurant is probably going to set you back more than a Czech one, so it’s worth eating local food if you’re trying to save cash. You might even find you like it! When it comes to alcohol, do what the Czechs do and stick to beer. Wine, spirits and cocktails are often more expensive than they are back home.

Adjust your budget

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If you really don’t like the sound of the local food, that’s fine. By saving money on other parts of your trip, you can afford to dine however you like when you’re in Prague. A hotel will eat up a lot of your budget, but a room from AirBnB can set you back as little as £20 per night. The same goes for travel — if you were thinking of flying, consider getting a rail-pass and taking the train instead. You should really take advantage of the free attractions, too — from the Castle to the Charles Bridge, there’s so much to see without spending a thing.